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  • Winny

    My tip will not go through

  • Waiting to be called to action...

    Thank you for your page, no better weapon against a liar than the truth.

    I’m only commenting because tonight I saw Deric reflecting on his happy holiday with his wife and “kids”. More lies. It turns my stomach. Simple and true, he is 100% NOT allowed to see Jenny’s son in Northern Kentucky because of endless threats made towards the child’s custodial guardian, his paternal grandmother. She’s a disabled woman who has dedicated her life to keeping her grandson in a decent home. Imagine raising a troubled 8 year old when you are 60 years old. Deric is specifically prohibited from contact with the boy and Jenny only has visits supervised by the grandmother, and without Deric.

    Despite Jenny abandoning her son at only a few months old to dance and drug, Deric is currently the only reason for supervised visitation. For years, Jenny was never denied visitation and had full access to her son prior to Deric’s threats. She has always neglected her son, but she always had access to him. She always had to dance or “just wasn’t up for it”.
    She was allowed to see him, but seldom did she make seeing him a priority.

    She has always been a birthday and Christmas mom, she has never had custody of her son. His grandparents never sought custody until Jenny married someone who clearly brought endless negative attention and danger to the people in his own household in another state. Knowing better, it’s very upsetting to watch him use a boy who was abandoned by his mother to pull the heartstrings of prospective donors.

    He’s portraying a situation that does not exist. Deric is misrepresenting the entire proceedings. Her son, like so many other children of unfit parents, is in his grandparents custody. Deric has involved himself. This is now one of his “causes” and like the rest of what he interjects himself into; he has just complicated an otherwise simple process. No stability, no security, no custody. Seeing pictures of a clown in an oversized suit in a house without furniture really brings me to ask;
    What would they do if they had custody?
    Would the boy even be cared for? With a new born sister? Would he get clothing? He’s growing fast. Enriching parenthood? From THEM?! Therapy? Gofundme for that? Braces? PayPal maybe?
    Education? Wait, I’m out of charity channels….
    I don’t think they’ve realistically considered these things.

    Give it time, if history is any lesson, Jenny will realize what Deric really is and hit the road again, dancing and drugging like she has for so long. Odds are; this next kid will end up at Jenny’s mom’s and Deric will have yet another long series of court cases and reasons to beg for donations.

    Thank you for your time invested to expose this clown for what he really is.

    I hope your page serves as a warning sign (dip ahead) for decent people who might otherwise be fooled into donating money towards this con artist’s next video game or bag of weed.

    Gibme monies, we got a case of the babies!

  • Upcoming Scam Alert

    He’s about to start begging again…

    He’s building another bullshit timeline to look like he’s worth supporting.

    First, the picture from church.

    Then the OLD picture of him and the step son he IS NO LONGER ALLOWED TO SEE during his wife’s GUARDIAN SUPERViSED visits.

    Then he posts “Pope Francis Calls To End Tax-Exempt Status For Churches That Don’t Practice Charity.”

    Here it comes, he’s going to start ringing his little bell…

  • What is this webmasters motivation? You are clearly a scumbag yourself. Going to these lengths to demonize someone with bills, a social life, a basic normal person. Clearly people do not have to donate if they do not want to. There’s so many more heinous people in the world. You obviously have alterior motives.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous doesn’t ask for money, its the basic cornerstone of Anonymous, and therefore Deric is betraying those whom who adhere to the idea which he claims to represent. I myself recently had a run-in with Lostutter and he was rude as fuck. I dont care WHAT kind of Anon celebrity he thinks he is, he isn’t welcome in any of the Anon pages I’M involved in. He acts like his shit doesn’t stink and he can’t afford even the most basic of niceties or politeness. He can go fuck himself with something hard and sandpapery.

    • Responds to moron

      Wtf is alterior motives? Did you mean ulterior? The motive is clear. The scum Deric Lostutter commits scams, lies and steals. The webmaster doesn’t like it and tells on Deric. Then Deric has some clown like you try and make it something different. Rinse. Wash. Repeat.

      What is amazing is your kind ignoring the dozens of others saying the exact same thing as the website. Or that Deric is going to federal prison. Or that he has restraining order against him.

      That you think this website made that happen to him, instead of reporting him doing it to himself and others is just an indication of how stupid you are. Nothing more, nothing less.

      It’s cute you think eating and having bills makes someone moral. Your thinking is so convoluted, it’s a wonder you can get dressed on your own.

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