Deric Lostutter is an Internet Panhandler: Donations Timeline

Deric Lostutter is a professional grifter.  We have compiled a timeline of his begging going back to 2013.  Deric has requested donations for cat scabies, DJ equipment, dog food, vet bills, court fines, a meditation room in his home, and currently is seeking $20,000 in donations for civil suits he wants to file on Twitter users for hurting his feelings. […]

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Using the Death of a Child for Profit is Revolting

Five days ago, Deric announced that his daughter was stillborn. At 10:05 AM he announced that there was no heartbeat.  At 2:10PM he posted on Facebook requesting donations. We have decided on cremation for our beautiful baby daughter Jade after my wife delivers her. We lost her at 27 weeks. If you’d like to help offset the expenses you […]

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