Deric Lostutter self identifies himself as a “public figure”.  This blog is not owned nor operated by Deric Lostutter.  The purpose of this site is to provide information about the “public figure” known as Deric Lostutter aka KYAnonymous.  Deric Lostutter has scammed many individuals out of thousands of dollars.  He has asked for countless donations for incidentals as crazy as having to be treated for “cat scabies” to exploiting the death of his child for donations, and he has made threats against anyone who would speak the truth about him.

This website was created as a quick resource for those researching Deric, where all the information, past, present, and future, will be posted.  Deric Lostutter has been invited countless times to provide rebuttal to the allegations against him and has refused to do so.

The truth is Deric Lostutter’s enemy.


  • Jaydeck Ruth

    Still not worst than rape. We get fucked in the ass repeatedly by our own government every single day of our lives, no Vaseline. So at this point I don’t really give a fuck. I’m more curious what he actually uses the money for. Plus, I never gave him no cash. I know better than to distribute cash to random people over the internet. All I know is he exposed 2 rapists and I approve.

    • KY Irrelevant

      He exposed nobody. The 2 convicted teens were already arrested and charged months before he ever involved himself. He had nothing to do with who was arrested or convicted. NOTHING. What he did do was re-victimize Jane Doe by publicly releasing her name on social media and publicly accusing an innocent man of being a pedophile and running a child sex ring .

      So because the sentence in one case was lenient, then Deric’s sentence for a completely separate crime should be lenient? Do explain that warped logic. If you don’t give a fuck, then don’t. If you do, then at least give an educated fuck.

    • Bob Belly

      Ruth – Deric Lostutter came around after the rapists had been in custody for four months and already on trial. He admits it in this CNN interview: http://youtu.be/3IJo8X3fCtg Go to the 2 min mark.
      What Deric Lostutter is being indicted for is illegally accessing the private computer of a man named Jim Parks. Who was a fan of the football team and had a website with the team’s theme.

  • Dum̀b V̷i͢ci͢s͟s҉im

    His gofundme just made me throw up in my mouth a little. I have to rant.
    Deric’s posturing and spin is beyond just appropriating his internet “self” from bits and pieces of other people, it’s dedicated and deliberate fraud. Anything that isn’t simple moronic wanna-be copying is just plain lies. You can tell when he lies on the Internet, his fingers are moving. Why would an individual whose wife owes thousands and thousands of dollars of child support advertise to the public saying that he can track people down for child support? Why would an individual whose wife has had abortion after abortion post daily about the grand status of parenthood? Oh, this one’s going to make it. “We know it’s high risk, probably won’t happen, but let’s roll this show out for the donations.” Day after day this low life just posts away about his days just chillin’, gardenin’ in his gofundme rented yard, drinkin’ at the pub, eating up those donations at restaurants, just playin’ y’all, kickin’ it, Bout’ dat life, STAYTRUE to the liar’s lifestyle. “Work? Go on with yer candy.
    I’m an inFestigator, ya heards meh?
    I’m anti gubmint fo tha people, rape and stuff, trolls too, I caint works. Click here to pay me.”
    Any full time job would have earned him more than his gofundme by now, but that’s work. He fell into one hell of a good scam and he’ll have to be dragged out of it wearing an orange jumpsuit. Being walked out in cuffs, peace out, mic droppin’, peace sign sidewayeees; “Take over my gofundme Jenny, there’s sheep yet to be fleeced!”
    You people who donate to the Lostutters need a reality check. You have to be good people with good intentions, thank you, but they are wasted on this con artist. You are just low hanging fruit in his rented life, leased with lies and borrowed images and stories, not work.
    Deric’s entire character was gleaned from a half dozen bad movies. You already know which ones.
    Thank You, dericlostutter.org for keeping tabs on this career criminal for the people who take the time to double-check before paying to give him another day sitting on his ass pretending to be something he 100% is not.

  • Peter Vaczovsky

    Doesn’t your organization, such as it is, have anything better to do than poison the jury pool? Rapists make everyone look bad and you know it. So it’s fitting that they get to go free in 6 months or less while someone holding one lousy blunt of weed gets 20 years or more? In who’s cosmology are you saying this is okay? From a legal standpoint can you, for fact, PROVE any of these contentions without showing they’re prior bad acts which can’t be introduced into evidence and both you and your attorneys know that? MIght also be nice if you can show you’re NOT part of the college that wants Deric exposed solely because he wants YOU exposed for playing cover-up! Just sayin’

    • DericExposed

      Actually, all of what you just stated has already been proven. If you bother to sift through the plethora of information on Deric on this site, you will know that we don’t say anything without hard evidence to back it up. If we don’t have the evidence, we let it go until something we can use grabs our attention.

      So you pretty much wasted your time typing out that little statement of yours.

  • Trinity

    Thank God for Truth. And for you guys. Whoever you are, you know.
    Tired of these clowns.

  • Krystal Kitty Kat

    My name is Krystal known as “Kitty Kat”
    I had an encounter with him years ago and I may have ran back into him over the time period since and many lawsuits come about in this case so contact information is below easy to get to me …looking for Don Carpenter preferably

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