Is Jennifer (Sanders) Lostutter Cheating On Deric Lostutter?

This will be a rather to the point post. What we will be addressing here is whether or not Jennifer (Sanders) Lostutter is sleeping around on Deric Lostutter while he is on his 3rd month of a two (2) year sentence in federal prison. Now, there has been quite a lot of speculation to this. Although nothing definitive has come out, it is only a matter of time. Jennifer (Sanders) Lostutter isn’t the type to wait around 2 years for any guy. She used to be a stripper, there have been reports on her accepting money for sex before marrying Deric, and there have been reports of her even sleeping around quite frequently for free before marrying Deric. The reason her relationship with her first childs father didn’t work out is because she cheated on him. Shortly thereafter her baby daddy started using heroin, but has since cleaned himself up and is going the right path in life. Let’s begin, shall we?

One indication is that just recently she changed her name on Facebook and added Sanders. A couple of weeks ago it had no indication that her last name was ever Sanders. This is her maiden name. Now, this could mean many things but we will leave that determination up to the reader.

These are 2 screenshot of the same video she posted on her Facebook account on 5 May 2017. As you can see, she is wearing her wedding ring in this video.

This photo was posted on her Facebook account on 1 May 2017. Again, she is wearing her wedding ring in this photo.

This “glamour” photo was posted on her Facebook on 30 May 2017. Now, this one is different from the other photos I posted above. If you look closely at her left hand, she is no longer wearing her wedding ring.

Now, there have been other photos and videos from the last couple of months she has posted that shows she is no longer wearing her wedding ring.

What does this all mean? Who knows. But the most common speculation is that she has the mindset that she is back on the market.

Well guys, if you want a former stripper, prostitute, porn “star”, and an all around shitty human being, look her up on Facebook. I bet she will tell you she’s single. Enjoy the blue waffle!


  • Jennifer Lostutter is not only a whore, but a drug addict, too. 100% VERIFIED!!!

    And I have it on EXTREMELY good authority that the Aryan Brotherhood are planning on murdering Deric at their very first opportunity. Or so claim the voices in my head.

    I wonder how many calls to child protective services it will take before they come and take those kids away from her. Let us see, shall we?

    #GFY McGibney Gang

    #TangoDown @KYAnonymous and @BullyVille

  • By the way, I get a tremendous amount of LULZ watching Lostutter trying to pro se litigate his silly LOLsuit. He is clearly still using drugs while in prison and I think that we all need to contact the BOP and demand that they place Lostutter in a Special Housing Unit to keep him away from drugs. Contacting his prison unit’s discipline hearing officer will do the trick!!

    Being a member of Anonymous makes Lostutter a member of a Security Threat Group and that fact needs to be pointed out to the BOP so that Lostutter can be appropriately housed at a ADX Florence so he can be kept away from drugs and members of his criminal organization.

  • Tom Retzlaff

    I hear that Lostutter is crying to some judge in that federal LOLsuit that he wants the IP address of people who comment here. GFY Lostutter, you silly cunt.


    Your wife is a known whore and you are a piece of human garbage and I very much look forward to hearing that the Aryan Brotherhood has beaten and stomped your head into the concrete. Good luck in prison, you fucking cocksucker.

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