Statement From Deric Lostutter’s Childhood Friend


This is a statement typed up for this website by a former friend of Deric Lostutter. They had been friends for over a decade and I can’t think of anyone that would know Deric Lostutter better, obviously not even his own mother or wife. This provides some insight into the mind of Lostutter and definitely gives some previously unknown information. Enjoy reading it, definitely worth it.

Deric Lostutter, where to begin with this story? It’s such a long story, going back over ten years. When I met Deric, or DJ as we all called him before he became “important”, he wasn’t popular, he fit in with no crowd, much like myself, and we had some similar interests, so naturally a friendship was born. I guess you could say that for years we were best friends. I knew his situation, and at the time, I guess you could say it was shitty. After high school, I went to college out of town for a few months before changing my mind about my career/ambitions. Shortly after returning from school I worked myself into a one bedroom apartment, because I was by myself, and didn’t much care to live with anyone. At this point, being 19 years old or so I naturally started partying and so on. Somewhere along the line Deric returned from Kentucky and was more or less house hopping I guess you would say, staying here or there whenever. And when we got back in touch of course I invited him to come hang out. I offered to let him stay with me until he got on his feet. He had a job, and a car so I figured he could be on his feet in no time, plus what are friends for? Well it wasn’t too long after that he quit his job, for true reasons I’m not even sure of, he said one thing, other guys from the shop he worked for, which I also worked for just another location. So now bring on the headaches that as a friend I tried to do my best to be there for my friend and help him out any way I could. 

This is the first time our friendship suffered an altercation. Deric got to the point he couldn’t go look for a job. He found ways to get 40oz beers daily, and basically stay drunk. I figured it was a phase and it wouldn’t last that long. I was wrong. Deric never ended up finding a job, and I don’t remember exactly what ended up causing him to move out, I think my girlfriend at the time may have worked that out, I honestly can’t remember. Bring on round one, which wasn’t a big deal and blew over maybe a year later I guess. 

Keep in mind while you’re reading this, that at this time he wasn’t the “hacker” he is today. He was just my idiot friend. Myself and Deric both always had each other’s backs growing up, and stood up for each other, when we weren’t mad at each other of course. This kept on going for a long time. I never thought a second about some of the things I should have been paying attention to, maybe because I’m guilty of a couple of the same things by association. 

Deric always had this “I’m a god” attitude, and it never seemed like a big deal, until it really started to show I guess a few years ago. Deric has always, and I mean always, been demeaning to women, which at times didn’t seem like what it was, but some of the things I’ve seen or heard him say to women, girlfriend or not, were beyond over the line. But I always tried to mind my business and not get involved in his stuff because that’s his problem and not mine. I’ve probably crossed lines before, but I couldn’t name a specific time off the top of my head. I could make a list of his. Deric was always a womanizer, and that won’t ever change, I’ve seen proof with my own eyes. 

Let’s move forward, to 2012 I believe it was, when Deric came down from Kentucky with his girlfriend for a party me and my wife, fiancé at the time, were having to celebrate our engagement and birthdays. Deric once again showed his ass because a bunch of people were there, announcing he was leaving to take his girlfriend to the hotel for “sex” and such. She looked a bit embarrassed. I would have been. My wife also would have let me know how not cool that was. This was the first time I had stepped back and noticed something that wasn’t ok. But again, not my problem right?

Then came the “rape cover up” case and the outing of kyanonymous, who I recognized from a video or two online. My mind was blown, I had no idea, and didn’t know what to think. Obviously because we were friends I was on his side from that moment up until around a year ago, maybe longer now. Fast forward and Deric has split up with another girl and met his current wife, Jenny. Who he met while she was working at a club if my memory serves me right. All of a sudden three weeks later he’s married, and moving to NC. So naturally we all met up and started hanging out. This is where the fun begins, because by this time the gofundme had been going on and even I had donated a time or two. But things quickly didn’t add up, job after job, quitting for this or that reason, so on. Although I knew he wasn’t much a worker, I just ignored it because still, not my problem. 

I introduced him to my friends, which he and Jenny were quick to try and get in with better than we were. And it all made sense not long after. Deric has a way of trying to get people to pity him and take his side, like his stories of being homeless and so on. 

When he left town I would let his dogs out and so on, friend stuff. Then, things really went to left field, this is where our entire friendship changed and ended. 

Now let me be clear, Deric and his racism activism didn’t start until he married his wife. I have seen every stage of Deric there has been since school, from goth, to skater, to car guy, to wigger, to redneck, to whatever he is now. Now that that is out of the way, I was working one day at my part time retail job, and a kid came in looking for a job, we weren’t hiring, but I still talked to him and gave him the email to send his info to just in case they ended up looking for someone. No big deal. One thing stood out to me, the way he talked, I’m aware of all the slang these days, but I feel like that’s not how you talk to someone you want to hire you. It’s a professionalism thing. If I had been the owner, I would have been turned off immediately. 

Anyways, I made a post, as a joke, on Facebook that said if you don’t speak proper English, even if we’re hiring, we’re not hiring. Deric jumped all over this opportunity to call me racist and so on. The issue is that he never took the time to get the story, never asked me anything, just jumped on me. So after a short back and forth I blocked him, and went on with my day. I don’t have time for that and I wasn’t about to make time. 

Well in true Deric fashion the first thing he did was send a message to one of the people I introduced him and his wife to, basically trying to make me look bad. It didn’t work. And he ended up losing one of his longest friendships over it as well as a few he had made because of me. 

This is when i came across the exact website you’re reading this on, and began putting the puzzle together. It all made sense. It was like someone turned on a lightbulb in the Deric is a shithead room I had been standing in so blindly.  So I started going back and revisiting things from the last year or two. And I found all of the evidence I needed to stand were I do today. For example, Deric posted once about one of his clients putting him and his wife in a hotel room for their anniversary, but in actuality, his wife had taken out four credit cards to pay for this and that was how they got the room, this is straight from his wife’s drunken mouth. Deric also claims to be licensed to do PI work, that is also a lie. It was like all of a sudden all of his lies came out right in plain view. I will not speculate on certain things, like the loss of Jade, people claimed she was never pregnant, I have no proof of that and I’m not here to spread anything more than the truth to attempt to shed light on who it is exactly that these people, maybe you included, have been supporting in more ways than just having his back on social media. 

A few months after his racist accusations against me, the mic article was released. Which I commented on mentioning this site. And once again, in true Deric fashion, I was threatened with a lawsuit, both publicly and privately. Not only did Deric come for me, he messaged my wife and my mom. Why I will never know. And now almost a year later, I still have those messages which I will include with this in their entirety. His tactics didn’t work on me as I have a regular lawyer I can contact when I need to, so he wasn’t about to intimidate me. I basically went back and forth with him for a few messages and then turned the situation around on him. To which he said nothing and hasn’t since. The lawsuit he threatened me with was to be along side the one he has against Thomas Olsen, for something he has no case on anyways. I absolutely will not be bullied, especially by someone I know is not capable of doing so. 

I guess in a sense you could say that I’ve been through a lot over the years with Deric, and I do not regret it all. I do however regret having his back the last couple of years that I did, over this whole situation he got himself into. And I don’t feel bad for him at all.

Deric always bragged about being on track to make $70k in a year from home, and I now know why, because honest hard working people were giving up their money to support this guys lifestyle. We would go out for drinks and he would say, “don’t worry guys I got this round” and so on. He spent money like it was going out of style, and it was after a ton of donations would roll in on gofundme. You weren’t helping him live, you were helping him drink and do whatever he wanted. You’ve paid his car payments, his rent, all of that. 

At one point my wife and I asked him what the plan was if he went to prison for his wife. We were thinking of offering to help in some way, and the response floored me. He said “I have a flash drive with instructions for her on it” to which she said “it’s basically just me getting on his kyanonymous page and begging for money”. This is 100% true, and absolutely disgusting. Not to mention that until the court offered to help him with employment he refused to get a real job. My wife actually had him a job, and he just didn’t show up. I offered to get him on with me at one point actually making good money. Again, he refused. 

All in all, as soon as the kyanonymous story broke he began doing everything he could to gain fame and scam everyone he could. Including a small business he scammed on a computer he built. 

If you take anything from this, take the fact that someone that’s known Deric for over ten years is sitting where I am telling you all of this to keep you from wasting your hard earned money on a scam artist.

The following is a message exchange between Deric Lostutter and this individual. It is also very telling.

After that last message this individual never heard from Deric Lostutter again. All of this is to provide insight into who Deric Lostutter really is and his true mentality over the years.


  • Julie

    I am Brian’s Mother… Everything he has said is true. He did send me a text message threatening me with a lawsuit. What he said about Me and his daddy “supporting” him and “paying for everything” is a lie. Yes I will always take care of my kids no matter how old they are. Its part of my job. DJ also ripped me off installing wireless internet outside so we could get online out there…told me I was $150. when in all actuality it was like $80. But that’s besides the point. I am EXTREMELY proud of my son for not only writing this but for the man he has become. He has a great job and takes care of his daughter and wife. When they were kids….Dj used to call me “momma” as did …and some still do…his other friends. Its sad he turned out to be such a horrible person. He is a scam artist. It kills me to see people send him and his wife their hard earned money to these cons. I feel sorry for their daughter as she will grow up to become a scam artist as well.

  • Mary

    I know of Brian and his family, mostly in passing and word of mouth. They are good, kind people, and I hate to see that Deric decided to shit on the ones that did try to help him. As many of us came to know, he scammed everyone with his bravo about ” helping a rape victim”, the Stuebenville teens were already arrested, the court case against the teens was already snaking its way thru the system when he got involved. Brian’s mother raised wonderful kids, my children know them and went all thru school with them. I now know why he posted that he grew up on my street when he decided to stalk and harass me over him thinking I was someone else.

  • Taylor

    I’m the one who turned Brian onto this website, someone who openly spoke out about Deric online several times, someone who Deric also threatened with a lawsuit, someone who also went to school with Deric. Deric was threatened by me because I’m reputable and understood who he was and exactly what he was doing the minute I saw his face pop up on Gawker. I reached out on Twitter. He claimed he didn’t remember me (which, clearly, was a lie). A year or so later, once shit hit the fan, I tweeted about him again and he came after me.

    I don’t get enjoyment out of people being punished or sent to prison, but sometimes people deserve it. Honestly, for all the havoc Deric caused, he deserves more time. And he should have to pay back every penny that was ever donated to him for the insane story he spun out of his “heroic hacking.” I know that will never happen, just like I know Deric won’t come out of prison a changed person. He’ll go back to doing exactly what he was doing before, what he’s done since he was a kid. He’ll go right back into damage control and harassing people who speak out against him in favor of truth.

  • I learned more about Deric in his two court appearances than I ever did reading this blog and other social media sites about him both positive and negative. In the March hearing, Deric gave a tepid apology to the judge saying more or less that he was trying to seek justice for Jane Doe. In essence he claimed he had “good intentions” when he broke the law.

    Then, between the April and May hearings, the violations of the conditions set by the court began. The violations increased to the point where the Probation office had to act upon the letter sent by Alexandra Goddard and others.

    I have sat in on trials and hearings both at the local and federal level for years and I have never, ever heard a judge go off on an defendant like Judge Reeves did with Deric. He literally read him the riot act, calling him a liar, a bully and an abuser. His scolding of Deric went on for the better part of a half hour, causing the hearing to go almost double the usual time for these kinds of proceedings.

    Deric’s attitude in the interview after the March hearing seems to reinforce what his close friend said in this article. Deric says one thing to one person and something entirely different to someone else depending on the situation. In the interview, Deric implied that he was a knight in shining armor (hence the knight sec anonymous moniker) and once again claimed that his efforts exposed a cover up although evidence shows there was never any cover up.

    Deric’s wanton disregard of the rule of law and his violations finally put him behind bars, several weeks early, thus getting him out of the hair of those who have had to put up with his nonsense for the past several years.

    I do firmly believe that his wife helped fan the flame, mainly for economic reasons. She was the gas being poured on a fire. Her support of what Deric was doing only made matters worse for him. She was his puppet master egging him on with his outlandish actions and schemes.

    She now finds herself alone to support her household. She thinks she can bring in an income by building up Deric as the hero hacker that helped find justice for the Steubenville rape survivor.

    She will find, however, that over time people will forget about Deric. He is old news and soon she will be old news as well.


  • Dipshit

    HE DID NOT WIN! The bogus arrest warrants he cried for and all the shit attached to it was thrown out. DISMISSED and there is a 5 year Civil stalking protection order against him by the two people he LOST to in court. That is hardly winning.

  • SnootchyBootches

    This is actually inspiring. I’d love to read more about the crap that other people have dealt with in regards to DJ. I’d love to post write something about him showing up at my house, drunk as shit, forcing himself on my pregnant girlfriend, and then months later, claiming it to be his baby. I also can’t wait to see how many people can figure out who I am just from this one thing since it was so widely spread. In fact, I think I’ll go do that now…

  • Jenna

    It’s so nice to know that I’m not alone in knowing what a self serving, narcissistic piece of shit DJ is. I’ve known him for around 15 years or so, and pegged him as sketchy from day one. He threatened to roofie and rape me, then when I went public about his threats, he threatened to sue me. He’s sadly, still got people fooled, which breaks my heart, all while simultaneously infuriating me. Mainly because the people he still has believing his lies are all decent people, and he plays on their emotions. Prison won’t change him, nothing will change him. He’s literally been like this since he came screaming out of a vagina, and will likely be like this when he lands in a coffin. At least none of us have to worry about him online for 3 years.

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