The Government Is Watching

If you notice above, this hit (and we’ve gotten a few more similar hits) is from none other than the DHS, Department of Homeland Security. The DHS started accessing the website directly after the Lostutter sentencing. Now why would somebody using DHS systems access this website? Who knows. But one can speculate.

All of the above, and there are many more, are from the US Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky. They have accessed the website numerous times before the indictment was handed down and continue to access it to this day, the last time was just 8 hours ago. At one point about this time last year, the DOJ in Lexington, KY accessed the site numerous times everyday for about a 2 week period. During that time they continued to pull website metadata and archive articles.

From the hits we’ve been receiving on this site, it is very clear that the government has and continues to keep an eye on Deric Lostutter. It is obvious the government was using information on this website to build a bigger case against Lostutter. Who knows what would’ve happened and been revealed if it went to trial. I’m sure they will continue keeping an eye on this website for any updates up until Deric Lostutter is sitting in a prison cell, if not longer.

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