Deric Lostutter Admits He’s Going To Prison?

Deric Lostutter’s Brief in Support of Oral Arguments
Deric Lostutter’s Motion for Oral Arguments
The above documents were filed today, 1 March 2017, in the federal civil suit against Thomas, Alex, and Michelle. Deric Lostutter seems to think the judge will allow any sort of oral argument hearing before his sentencing next week. It doesn’t work that way. The defense has to have ample time and opportunity to prepare, which takes much longer than a week. Not only that, he claims that the judge slapping down his discovery requests and process is unconstitutional. Far from it. The discovery requests were premature as there is a motion to dismiss in play. Any 1st year law student knows that. It explains this clearly in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. The problem with Deric Lostutter is that he likes to cherry pick rules from the FRCP that benefit him but decides to ignore any and all other rules and then screams wrongdoing when the judge rules against him.

What’s also interesting about these documents is that it seems Deric Lostutter is actually admitting he is going to prison. Not only that, but for “exposing a rape and activism.” That is blatantly false. He didn’t expose anything except his genitals to minors on Tinychat. He is going to prison for Conspiracy to Commit Acts in Violation of the CFAA and Lying to a Federal Investigator.

In other news, the defense in Deric Lostutter’s criminal case filed some documents on 27 February 2017. We can only speculate and assume what is contained in those documents as they’ve been sealed by the court. We believe it has something to do with sentencing suggestions and asking leniency from the court. Given what we have seen so far, especially in the sentencing of Noah McHugh, the judge will be far from lenient. We can only hope this is the case.

What is also interesting is that the judge that ordered the documents be sealed is Judge Weir. The original judge on his case that called him “utterly unbelieveable.” If Judge Weir is involved in the case again, that can only spell trouble for Deric Lostutter. Of course, we still have confidence in Judge Reeves as well in carrying out a harsh sentence and penalty.

7 more days. 1 week. At that point we will learn the fate of Deric Lostutter.


  • Tom Retzlaff

    A baby raper and a snitch. Enjoy your time with the Feds, asshole. If I were Lostutter I would demand placement in protective custody as I know for a fact that the Aryan Brotherhood will be looking for you. Thank James McGibney for that, friend!

  • Tachyon

    Any word on when those documents might be unsealed?

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