Interview With @AnarchyWaltz AKA Don Carpenter

This interview was conducted through several email messages. Don Carpenter is a journalist and band/venue promoter from Pittsburgh, PA. He covered the Steubenville rape case extensively back in early 2013 and has covered updates on the case for the last 4 years. This includes trying to help spread information on Deric Lostutter’s activities. He has also flown from Pittsburgh to Lexington, KY for Deric Lostutter’s court dates in order to cover those hearings and report it to the public. He has kept everyone updated on any court documents filed in the case. Long story short, he has done an extremely good job in covering the case and I felt it was time to get his personal take on everything.

Below is the interview itself. The “Q” means questions that I asked him and the “A” means the answer that Don gave to that question. Enjoy!


Q: How did you originally get involved in the Steubenville case?

A: I’ve asked myself this question alot over the years. I remember reading the original New York Times article, and finding it interesting. Then Sandy Hook shooting took place and i remember being up late one night monitoring Anonymous and the Patriot Guard’s plans to stop the Westboro Baptist Church from protesting the kids funerals. Somewhere along the line between several beers and a couple joints this KYAnonymous guys tweets and the taking over of happened on December 23rd (insert year because i forget. I think it was 2013). I saw their video post and the pics of the rape victim from Instagram and i was locked in. To this day i don’t know if some force out there threw this at me or if it was just dumb luck coming across the initial website hack and protest plans.


Q: It was 23 December 2012. Did you ever have any conversation with Noah McHugh, aka JustBatCat, during the 3 1/2 months of OpRollRedRoll? If so, what did those entail?

A: I don’t believe i ever personally interacted with Noah aside from him retweeting alot of the coverage i was sharing on twitter. All of my dealings sadly were with Lostutter personally via Twitter. Had i known then what i know now I’d have reached out to BatCat instead.


Q: What did your interactions with Lostutter pertain at the time of the Steubenville case?

A: With Lostutter it started out with giving me the Nodianos video before he made it public. Then retweets/shares as the case went on. He then disappeared before the trial. When he returned he began talking to me about starting a huge live stream activist network. This was right before word got out he was raided and began e-begging for cash. When i told him that starting such a huge network like the couple i was part of at the time (Mobile Broadcast News and Global Revolution) would cost alot of money, his response was “lol money is no issue.” Days later he began begging for money online receiving thousands of dollars. Once i finally realized how full of shit he was, my only interactions were threats to shut up, harassment online, or him encouraging his followers to harass me.


Q: Starting from when he first started harassing you up until the present time. What has Lostutter or his supporters done to you personally?

A: Pretty much nothing of consequence at all. Deric just ran his mouth talking tough on Twitter or on Facebook about lawyers suing me or some lame shit that he never followed up on or spread lame ass statements that i was apart of the Steubenville coverup and i was paid off or some shit by these people from the Ville who called out his lies also on social media. It was annoying to say the least. His supporters never even bothered me. But someone did DDoS the Mobile Broadcast News website to hell and back several times. We can’t prove this of course but we always suspected that it was Deric that DDoSed the Mobile Broadcast News website for months on end after that media collective disbanded.

The most recent was after his new bond hearing after harassing a girl in North Carolina. He and his attorney approached me for an interview to which i refused them and they just kind of hung around me to see who i was on the phone with following the hearing. Again it was very annoying and childish stuff.


Q: You are very aware about the civil battles between Lostutter and the 3 defendants, Michelle McKee, Thomas Olsen, and Alexandria Goddard. How did you first encounter/meet the 3 defendants? What is your personal opinion on the civil battles?

A: I’ve never personally met Alexandria or Michelle personally. I’ve talked with Alex on the phone a few times, and exchanged via email a couple times. I know Michelle from twitter and that’s pretty much it. Perhaps one day I’ll meet everybody in person.

I met Thomas (Pops) right before Valentine’s Day 2013, he came to Pittsburgh one night, and Cassandra Fairbanks brought him over to my place. I had known Pops only from his twitter account before this. The next night I got to meet Baws, another Anon coming through town. They had wanted to do an interview with me and my media partner/girlfriend at the time, Amanda Blackburn, denouncing Lostutter and enlightening the world on what a scumbag the guys was plus some other things. But we never did the interview but had a pretty wild night of drunk shenanigans. On Valentine’s Day, Baws headed for New York City and Pops headed to Steubenville.

I’d see Pops several more times in Steubenville during the protests outside the Jefferson County Juvenile Court house/detention center during the trial of Trent Mays and Malik Richmond, but I never saw him again after the trial.

Jesus Christ, the great LOLsuit and LOLYERing case. I think it’s one of the dumbest things I have ever seen Lostutter do, and I’ve seen this kid do some pretty dumb things.

And when i say this case is fucking stupid, it’s because it is. You can’t sue people because they don’t like you or say mean things on the internet. It’s flat out a waste of the court’s time, and the legal system really hasn’t caught up with the times to even deal with the internet let alone police butt hurt.

Deric trying to sue people for memes, and photoshop jokes is ridiculous. For years he has labeled himself a celebrity and public figure. Well, as a public figure or labeling himself as such, he opened himself up to ridicule, mocking, internet battles and more. If he doesn’t like what the net says about him, he can take advantage of the block button, or simply not go on the net where people say mean things.

The ironic part about all of this is Deric has made it a point to make things up, target the innocent, harass, stalk, threaten and intimidate folks for years. He simply cannot take a dose of his own medicine.

I think Deric is using the courts to continue harassing people and unfortunately this case is costing the defendants a boat load of money they don’t have.

Don’t even get me started on his sad lawyering skills. His motions make no sense, alot of them aren’t even relevant and the whole thing is just sad.

I hope it gets tossed out of court, and he really should be more worried about all the jail time and fines he’s gonna have to face on March 8th.


Q: You have flown to Lexington, KY to cover the Lostutter indictment case. What is your take on that? How was your experience sitting in that courtroom?

From my understanding, Noah McHugh walked into court during one of Lostutter’s earlier court dates. What was the general reaction of the court to that? Your reaction? Lostutter’s reaction?

A: The prosecution definitely wasn’t fucking around when they went after Lostutter. From hearing one following the indictment, the prosecution has voiced concerns over and over again about Deric’s patterns of harassing and abusing. The prosecution also said from the first hearing that Lostutter would try to side step any rules the court imposed upon Lostutter’s release. Sure enough, Lostutter has violated the terms of his release within ten days I think by harassing some girl in North Carolina via text messages and by stalking her facebook posts that she made about him.

It’s very clear that the original judge presiding over the arraignment and the bond release hearing is no fan of Lostutter and was deeply concerned regarding the harassment of that girl. The same judge also presided over the motion to suppress hearing regarding the FBI raid on Deric. That judge blatantly called Lostutter out as a liar in his recommendation to the new judge (Judge Reeves) based on his testimony regarding his raid. I have never seen that before in my career.

Judge Reeves, who now holds Lostutter’s fate in his hands, also made it clear that he is no fan of Lostutter in a pretrial order on how all parties should behave in his courtroom.

The experience for me has been a usual trial experience, but it gets weird at times when Lostutter constantly looks around to make sure I’m there or specifically posing for me on camera when i would shoot the standard defendant leaving court pics.

The funniest part was when the first judge during the bond revocation hearing began tearing Deric a new one. That Lostutter angrily demanded to address the court when the court found his “internet consulting business of 2 clients was not a valid form of employment. The judge kind of laughed at him and said you may, but not before consulting your attorney. Deric’s lawyer promptly shut him up. I would have loved to hear what Lostutter wanted to say though.

I know Noah testified against Deric during the grand jury indictment. I personally didn’t see Noah the times i was there. I knew he was going to be called as a witness. I did not cover the motion to suppress hearing. That may have been where Noah was.

Over all, I just want this to be over. So the Steubenville rape victim can stop being exploited and Deric’s 15 minutes of shame can finally be over and he can fade back into obscurity.

The end result though is Lostutter is going to do some time based on my experience reading all parties involved in this case. Prosecutor’s have made it a point to say that they let Lostutter run his mouth so much over the last few years just to see what he would do. For years now, Deric has proudly stated he did the crimes. It’s time for him to man up and do the time.


Q: What is your personal opinion about our website,, and the content that is posted? It’s gotten almost 1 million total hits thus far with about 600,000 unique hits. It also happens to be one of the top choices on a Google search of his name, ahead of all the mainstream media reporting on him. Its definitely been more of a success then we originally planned. What impact do you believe it’s had on the public opinion about Lostutter and all the court cases he has been involved in, to include his criminal case?

A: I believe your site is one of the greatest resources of information on all the shady things Lostutter has done. And that it is a great public service for those only familiar with the bullshit lame stream media articles glorifying Deric and serves as a light to those who actually do research on him. It enlightens the public as to the dangers Lostutter poses to the overall communities out there.

I think it has educated many as well as serves as a cautionary tale to any lawyer who has tried to hire him based on his lies about what he can do with a computer. Judge Reeves is aware of this site, and I’m fairly confident in checking what kind of person Lostutter is has probably checked out the site. I don’t want to speculate though as to how this may play out in his criminal case.


Q: I heard you were involved in the movie and had a possible book deal. Can you enlighten all of us a bit more on the details behind that?

A: I was approached about a book, yes, and I’ll be writing it this year. The book specifically focuses on how the media failed the rape victim, and failed over all on reporting the facts in the Steubenville rape case and about Deric Lostutter’s reign of terror over years beyond the case. It’s something I strongly believe in, and since no one has retracted any of the false facts put out by lostutter, or even bothered to fact check Lostutter over the years, or even keep an eye on what he really has been doing, I think it’s something I owe the public on. Whether said book sells or not isn’t up to me, and if it does sell and I make a few bucks off of it, you can be damn sure I’m only going to take a small cut to continue funding my work and donate the rest to a charity or cause our there. Unlike Deric, I will not try to profit off of the back of a rape victim.

I’m working on a couple films right now actually, both of which I can’t really go into detail except one is a film about a fictional band and the other is not.

I have been interviewed and featured in many documentaries about the original case over the years, but for those expecting to see a film in theaters about or even glorifying Deric Lostutter, “The champion of women and rape survivors,” well that simply isn’t going to happen and that’s all I can really say right now.


Q: Sounds good. I only ask because i know somebody else who was approached by Simon & Schuster to write a book on Steubenville and their experiences leading up to, during, and after the case. To include all the dirt on Lostutter and his issues over the years. I’m sure more information will be released on this in the near future.

What has the last 4 years been like for you? Ups and downs of covering the Steubenville case over the years?

A: The last four years have been interesting and haunting.

After The trial of Mays and Richmond, I had exhausted all of my funds and was broke. I walked 40 miles back to Pittsburgh from West Virginia and was homeless for a few months. I fought my way back into the work force, and turned things around and was no longer homeless, or broke.

A day doesn’t go by where someone asks me about the case or about Lostutter, and unfortunately it is a major thing on my resume that I’m not really proud of. I mean, how would anyone feel if what some generalize as your best work ever, stems on the back of some poor teenage girl’s rape. My closest friend, thank christ, has never asked me to talk about this or the effect it’s had on me. I tried explaining it once to a friend, and I just ended up losing it because the look on her face when I tried to explain all the players involved in the protests, all the twitter battles, all the drama, she just couldn’t understand what it was like to be caught up in the middle of this thing or why I kept going despite all the negative things associated with this over the years.

The whole thing really has left a bad taste in my mouth for four years, and made me very skeptical and not trusting of people.

I switched my field up a little bit. I no longer cover news per say, but I work in the music industry now. I was a photo journalist for bands and djs all across the country. This line of work is less depressing, and it actually pays decent enough to keep the lights on and a roof over my head. One day I may go back to covering news and breaking news, but not right now.


Q: Everything sounds good so far. I believe that’s all my questions for now. Do you have anything else you would like to say or let everyone know?

A: Yeah.

Somewhere along the line, people believe that I am some sort of expert on the Steubenville case, and protests as well as Lostutter.

I don’t agree with those beliefs. I’m just some son of a bitch that stumbled my way into covering it, and here we are 4 years later still covering it. I made many mistakes during my coverage of the case, and a day doesn’t go by where i am not haunted by those mistakes. People also believe that somehow things got personal between me and Lostutter over the years. I’d like to clear that up by saying this never was personal for me, this was just work. Lostutter obviously wanted to get personal with me and others over the years, and i indulged in twitter battles just for my own amusement. At the end of the day I could care less about Lostutter, and I really hope that he ends up going away for a long period of time. Because if we do see Lostutter again on the news it will be because he seriously hurt himself, his wife, new baby or some innocent. He’s a dangerous person that is in need of serious mental treatment.

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