The Million Dollar Lawsuit

Well, I’m sure by now that everyone knows that Deric Lostutter is suing Thomas Olsen, Alexandria Goddard, and Michelle McKee for $1,000,000 in federal court. This lawsuit came ONE week after a previous lawsuit in North Carolina against the same individuals for $180,000 was dropped. All the recent documents for these lawsuits ie motions are linked below.

Daniel Gibson’s Motion to Dismiss and for a Gatekeeper Order (the defendants attorney):

Deric Lostutter’s Response, which is beyond laughable at best. Just lolololololol:

Now, Thomas, Alex, and Michelle need your help. They have already racked up thousands in legal fees due to this asswipe. Let me tell you, they don’t like asking for help but when it’s needed, it’s needed.

Thank you to everyone that decides to help out. The smallest amount helps and even if you share it on social media, that helps as well.

If you have any questions, email us at or comment below. It will then be forwarded off to the correct individual to answer your question.

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