Deric Lostutter Violates Terms of Release Again


Deric Lostutter was arraigned in federal court on September 7 at 2:30.  He was barred from using the internet for any personal reason except for business and contact with his family and attorney.  He violated the terms of his release within 48 hours.  The US Attorney’s office gave him a break and only filed a Notice of Violation warning him that should it happen again they would seek bond revocation. Again he was sternly warned about personal use of the internet.

On September 12, 2016 Lostutter violated the terms of his release yet again when he texted a former friend from high school who had posted a comment on the article about him.  She stated that he had threatened to put roofies in her drink and rape her.  This is not the first time that Deric has been accused of threatening to rape a woman.

Deric Lostutter Prob Violation

Frightened that she lived close enough to Deric Lostutter for him to harm her, she telephoned the FBI and the US Attorney’s Office.  The Probation Officer in charge of Deric’s case filed a report on the incident.  When the Judge was reviewing pleadings which had been filed in the case, he saw the PO’s report and immediately filed an order for Deric to appear before him on Wednesday, September 21 for bond revocation hearing.

A protective order was also filed in the case to prevent Deric Lostutter from harassing witnesses and victims.  He is not allowed to view any discovery documents nor keep copies of them without his attorney present.  It would appear that the government believes that Deric will harass people as he has a long and well documented history of doing so.

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