Deric Lostutter is an Internet Panhandler: Donations Timeline

Deric Lostutter is a professional grifter.  We have compiled a timeline of his begging going back to 2013.  Deric has requested donations for cat scabies, DJ equipment, dog food, vet bills, court fines, a meditation room in his home, and currently is seeking $20,000 in donations for civil suits he wants to file on Twitter users for hurting his feelings.


01.11.2016 thinking im broke was your first mistake


2016 Donation Requests

January 2, 2016

01 02 2015 #463 - '(3) KYAnonymous - Today is a sad day_ We have to schedule a stillbirth___' - www_facebook_com_realkyanonymous_photos_a_550933544945828_1073741829_550922698280246_1011822972190214_

January 4, 2016

January 8, 2016 9:42 PM

01.08.2016 donationsgofundme

January 9, 2016

01 09 2015 #466 - '(1) KYAnonymous - Thank you to all who have helped us so far in our___' - www_facebook_com_realkyanonymous_posts_1015615091811002

January 10, 2016 10:02 AM

01 10 2016 #467 - '(1) KYAnonymous - Today my wife and I collect our daughters cremains___' - www_facebook_com_realkyanonymous_posts_1016056675100177

January 10, 2016  10:16 AM

January 12, 2016

01.12.2016 0600 KYAnonymous - Anything helps as we continue to heal' - www_facebook_com_realkyanonymous_posts_1016977995008045

January 12, 2016

01.12.2016 video asing for donations Jade

January 13, 2016 0813

01.13.2016 0813AM donations for money and turn room into meditation room

Twitter link

January 14, 2016

Has plenty of money to be in a bar.

January 14, 2016

Still so broke he has $1,000 to offer up a bounty for someone’s identity.

January 16, 2016

01.16.2016 plz gib monies jade meditation room


January 20, 2016

Deric wants to sue the #SETG Twitter users and is seeking $20,000 for a civil defense fund and even lies in his “press release”.



You may remember Deric Lostutter as the vigilante activist that uncovered the rape case cover-up in Steubenville Ohio in 2012 resulting in the indictment of multiple school officials.

Deric has since married, and fathered a child who sadly passed away at 27 weeks gestation, moved to North Carolina with his wife, and began a new life after being raided by the F.B.I. In 2013.

Deric has since encountered many hardships due to stalking and harassment of his family in retaliation for his activism after being unmasked in this widely circulated Rolling Stone Magazine article:…/anonymous-vs-steubenville-201…

Deric’s stalkers or “trolls” as he refers them as, have contacted numerous jobs, clients, landlords and more, costing Deric countless dollars, employment opportunities, and even places to live.

After forming his own company, Opsec CyberSecurity Solutions LLC, and his DBA TechAssist, some of his stalkers engaged in a relentless pattern of harassment costing him his business by leaving multiple false business reviews, and even contacting clients and potential customers.

Deric has sat idly by, trying to ignore the trolls to the best of his ability, until he lost his daughter, Jade Lauren Lostutter, January 5th, 2016.

The stalkers photoshopped her pictures, ultrasounds, etc, even attacking his wife. Waking up to multiple posts every day on how to kill himself, having his social security number released, among other personal info, and being targeted by a group calling themselves ‪#‎SETG‬, Deric has finally gathered the courage to take the stalkers to court.

The trolls have violated multiple laws including North Carolina’s cyberstalking statute, and the anti-cybersquating consumer protection act.

As of this posting, representing himself pro se, Deric Lostutter has successfully placed two restraining orders on members of #SETG, a criminal summons to a convicted felon and thief who violated the ACCPA, and with the help of the Forsyth County Sheriff’s office, referred the #SETG group’s case files to the F.B.I..

Restraining orders on other members of #SETG are currently pending.
Attorney Adam Burke, an esteemed lawyer from Columbus Ohio, has agreed not only to accept my previous CFAA case for the funds previously raised, but also accept, and litigate any civil litigation that I consider worthy of our time for funds raised through this fundraiser.

We seen how quickly crowdfunding saved Deric from going to prison in 2013, raising over $40,000 in just 2 weeks.…/deric-lostutter-legal-defen…
With just a simple donation from everyone who reads this, we can finally get Deric and his family the justice and peace they deserve.

Deric selflessly stood for the public, risking everything.

The time has come. Will you stand with Deric?

Donate by clicking the link below:

Youcaring fund has been deleted and he is using his business paypal for personal donations.

February 10, 2016

I am being summoned to court in Ohio to defend myself against one of my top stalkers that has harassed me, my family, and even my deceased daughter. Court is feb 22nd. I didnt attend the first time, as I had work and financial hardship, and a default judgement was taken out in retaliation for criminal arrest warrants I took out on them.

As such, I am raising money for travel (9 and a half hours away) and stay for 3 days.

If you could, please help out. I have court at home in North Carolina against these people this friday as well, which I will be there for.

2015 Donation Requests

January 13, 2015
Still begging for money because he claims he helped put people in prison.

Hey there. My supporter sky, is currently organizing a crowd funding event to keep me out of jail next Monday, because it could add time to my federal sentence. The goal is $640 that i couldn’t pay in petty traffic fines because i can’t get a job due to my case being so high profile here in Kentucky. I’ve been through 2 evictions, as of tomorrow will be a third, and never mentioned a thing or asked for help. Staying out of jail however is the main goal here so i can continue my activism. If you’re interested in helping run it and or contributing i can put you in touch and you’d really be making a huge difference.

His name is sky caserotti

Also the funds will be sent to my legal council who will pay the fine for me. I’ll never have access to the funds to ensure legitimacy

I caught the charge of no insurance in June after driving to eastern Kentucky university to help organize a protest for a man being harassed by local police fondly referred to as big world. whos always smiling. Here’s his story.…/Big-issue-building-over-Richmonds-Big…

Just left Richmond and paid the last of my fines and narrowly avoided jail. Thank you all for your continued support. Lets get this activist community growth project off the ground. If you’d like to help, comment below!

January 26, 2015
Posted video he needs $1,000 to open up an activist center. He is planning a “base of operations” but has no business plan in place but is able to take your hard earned money.

Currently I am living day to day in run down hotels, waiting for a break, teaching those what I know so they can empower themselves through activism, and through independence. Actively searching for work, and accepting side jobs as well to make ends meet. You havnt heard anything from me in a year, i have went through nights without eating, 3 evictions, sold my car and even walked to get food. You havnt heard anything from me in a year, and you will continue to not hear about it, as I continue to fight for you, the people, and empower us against the corrupt. Im not asking you, but if you you feel it in your heart to help out with even the smallest of donations will be appreciated. If I dont receive a dime, I will still love you all and go to bat for you, I think I have proved that already. You can donate here.…


Thanks and peace be with you.


March 10, 2015
March 10, 2015
March 11, 2015:

Video stating he has a second job for a service writer position and wanting money for deposits for his new apartment.  Since wanting to “provide” for his wife and son he continues to beg for donations on Facebook.

Your continued donations will help us get out of this small hotel, and into one of the only dog friendly apartments we have found! Even a little bit helps. Thank you from charlotte and nala!

Donate at the link below, no signup required.

March 26, 2015
Deric lost his job that he started on March 23, 2015 for missing work due to a toothache.

FireShot Screen Capture #041 - 'KYAnonymous' - www_facebook_com_realkyanonymous

March 28, 2015
Asking for $500 for his rent.

April 5, 2015
Posted video  asking for money to make ends meet from now until his case is over in 2017 even though his paypal shows that he has made over $5,000 in the last 5 weeks.

April 6, 2015

Still begging for donations.

April 12, 2015
41215beggingformon ey and furniture- 'KYAnonymous - Whats up everyone_ Hope you had an awesome weekend!___' - www_facebook_com_realkyanonymous_posts_886784861360693
April 13, 2015
Deric asking for donations to keep his #knightsec operations afloat.

April 14, 2015
Deric now claims that he has PTSD and his rescue animal is a “PTSD service dog”.   He claims his dog is sick and needs vet treatment.

April 14, 2015

After harassing a man with autism and getting a cease and desist from his attorney Deric starts begging again for a legal defense fund.

April 14, 2015
April 15, 2015
Deric admits he is making money from doing work yet continues to beg for donations.

April 26, 2015

People who hate my involvement in these justice cases are now targeting us trying to get our son out of a heroin addicts care

They have been targeting my wife’s email account, the publication I write for’s website, my business, and even our donation page encouraging cyber attacks and false reports.

Show them who we are by donating to defer court costs and travel costs.

Together, we can not be stopped.

November 4, 2015

11.4.2015_requesting_donations_for custody hearing

November 5, 2015 11.05.2015_requesting_donations_for courtNovember 12, 2015

Out of work for days – foot MRSA

11.17.2015 foot herpesNovember 28, 2015

Deric needs items for his unborn child from Target.

December 1.2015

12.01.2015December 11, 2015

December 12, 2015

Modify message

2014 Donation Requests

Want to donate to help me with things like food/gas/etc? Click below to donate via paypal

Want to donate to help me with things like food/gas/etc? Click below to donate via paypal…

Want to donate to my defense fund to help pay my lawyer fees (I dont have access to this fund) you can donate here:

Just received another donation. Still about $150, to go or so. You all gonna make a grown man cry. My lady is over here awestruck we both have been looking for work forever

While you’re at the donations,(because you’re like family and effing amazing enough to help me get insurance to land this job) check out my search warrants and leaks on steubenville

2013 Donation Requests

So trying to get caught up on personal bills and rent cause neither care about fbi or lack of work. But i donated 20$ to free anons. ‪#‎support‬ .. bigger donations planned when work picks up!


Also should reitterate my defense fund on the left of the page is seperate from my personal make bills meet paypal donate button in center of page. My lawyer controls donations, i do not have access. Thank you. Together we are legion. Divided by 0

I would take a stand for any jane doe any day of the week. Unfortunately being raided by the fbi had my last contract i had drop me as the i.t. consultant. Impacted me monetarily. Loss of work and electric company dont care if youre fighting the good fight so to speak. Your donations help keep the lights on, and rent paid as i struggle to find work here in kentucky capable of sustaining a household. If you feel in your heart the desire to give, click the gold paypal donate button center top of the page and God bless you. Ps. (The blue button on left is for the defense fund that i do not have access to)

July 1, 2013 needs donations for living expenses

Dang only one shift at the part time this week. I dunno if im gonna make it. Your alls donations really help, and when my new job kicks in end of month ill be able to pay your generosity forward. i cant seem to catch a break soon enough, but eventually the universe will even out, its staying afloat till it does thats the issue.

Lucked out and fixed a locals laptop which paid the phone bill, donations for groceries still needed however. God is good. And so are you. Love you all.

July 13, 2013 · needs donations to launch his own business…/info-tech-ky-business…/x/3908343… This is to help me launch my business, as a business needs supplies. Personal donations for bills however no longer needed, thanks for sticking by me as I reclaim my life from the wrongful raid. Together we can still demand justice for jane does everywhere and not be silenced. The goal is only $500 and a one time fundraiser. Currently at $145 of the goal thanks to you kind souls!

Been having people ask me how they can get me something for the holidays, click the donate button and the personal donations will go to living expenses and food for these empty cupboards. Sorry no mailing address, thanks for the kind thoughts and happy holidays!

People said instead of a paypal donation i should create an amazon wishlist for christmas, so here it is. Yes i drive a Subaru.

So work has finally decided they couldnt handle the pressure of my overshadowing case and has finally decided to part ways with me. Very Christmas-y of them. Im off to find a new job, but until i do you can help out by donating to my “bills fund” located at and for every $100 I will publicly donate $20 to a womans or childrens charity. Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers as i make it through the rest of 2013.

Still trying to find work. If you feel it in your heart to donate for things like gas, food, keeping the lights on as I try to find a job that doesnt judge me based on a google search you can donate here every lil bit helps even 50 cents. This holiday seasons a cold one but I’m determined that my choice to stand up for what I believed was right wont hold me back from a stable life. Also if you need remote I.T. work hit me up id rather work for my money. i truly appreciate you all you have no idea how these donations truly help out. God bless you

I dont have a public address for christmas cards, however you can PayPal donations to help make ends meet to and half of all donations recieved today will go to a local childrens charity!


  • Stop Begging Deric

    Im sure the medicaid and public assistance departments in NC, not to mention the IRS would love knowing about this unclaimed income.

  • Toss my Cookies

    Cremains anyone? I personally like them in my tea.

    It’s certainly obvious after seeing all of this organized and collated that he couldn’t possibly be broke. How could we have made such a mistake? He obviously has a regular paycheck coming in from both PayPal and GoFundMe. What do they call it when you publicly solicit donations under false pretenses? HALP!!! I’m broke so please gibme monies!! But your first mistake was to think I was broke.” Maybe we should have a zoning officer take a look at this?

    Now his latest scam, just within the last hour, he is trying to resurrect his one moment of fame, #oprollredroll based on the one sided hysterical ramblings of a Facebook post from a total stranger. I’m sure the begging will start any minute now. You don’t have to set foot in that town Deric. After what you did to them before, if you harm that community again, I’ll bet they will find you and apply some hot tar and feathers to your ass. Inside and out. You are a weak, easy opponent and that town hates you. Doxing Jane Doe showed everyone your true colors.

    By the way Deric, there is no such a thing as “divided by 0”. It doesn’t exist. It has no meaning. It isn’t witty, it isn’t philosophical, and it isn’t deeply intellectual. It isn’t even hyperbole. Just more of your inane drivel. Hey, look at me!! I’m smahrt!!! i can say “divided by zero” and make people believe it means something!!!

  • Danielle

    I’m sick of seeing his bullshit online. He is always asking people for donations for SOMETHING – seems any reason will do. I have often given to gofund me accounts for folks that are going through some really traumatic events and will continue to do so but I can not in good faith donate anything to this guy who is unwilling to work on a daily basis. The rest of the human race has to put up with bad managers, crappy co-workers, long work hours and other BS just to make a living. What makes him so special that he can’t do the same? My hard earned money will NOT be going to help support his fantasy world! Wish he would wake up and grow up and realize that no one OWES him anything.

  • Nevaeh

    OMG! Seriously?? Years of begging, what a dirt bag loser. I just read his tweets, he is a narcissist/psychopathic nobody, I repeat Nobody!! Anyone with any common sense would research him before donating to him. It makes me sick to read this but I’m glad I did. Google is your friend people! Get a job like the rest of society and stop begging Deric. I hope law enforcement catches up with this asswipe before he takes MORE money from hard working citizens of this country and abroad. SMH

  • Shonte` Pidgeon

    JFC! He can’t stop! I told him I’d pay him a grand for video of the delivery of the fetus.

  • He is a troll. Stop feeding the troll, he has to be over 9000 by now. 😀

  • Tired of the lies.

    This Motherfucker infuriates me so much. First begging for money because he’s gotta take a dog to the vet and the next day he has a new car. Posting pictures of dj equipment talking about how he works hard. Bullshit.

  • PipebombOpSec#CIC

    You should see Our convo’s where he’s claiming he hasn’t had a GoFundMe acct. In months and that he’s booking clients daily…HE’S A SOCIOPATH!!! He’s tried to have Michelle McGee murdered..he stalks prinnie constantly..and claims he has files on EVERYONE….who does that? Only duhric lost utter folks…

  • Crissy

    I tried to see if the name on the ultrasound matched his wife’s name but it was too blurry to tell. His wife posts selfies almost daily and you can tell from her expensive clothes that they’re far from poor. I find it odd that she posts selfies just about everyday yet she only has one picture of herself pegnant in 27 weeks and then she only posts one picture of the baby where there are no faces whatsoever. She also has zero pictures of her son that shes suposedly trying to seek custody of and has never even spoke of him. His wish list on Amazon killed me! If someone was truly needy they wouldn’t be asking, let alone expecting for a stranger to purchase them $300 car parts! I hope no one ever donates to them anymore and that they’re forced to get real jobs like most of us grown ups.

  • Boomity

    Happy Labor Day to everyone whose worked hard all yr to support Deric Lostutter because he’s too lazy to work and support himself or his family.

    • KY Irrelevant

      The hangers on who are left are hopeless. They still believe he not only exposed a rape cover-up, they actually believe he swooped in and solved the rape all by his lil ol’ self, with no assistance from law enforcement. How quaint. Enjoy your hero on Wednesday. You are much bigger fools than he is.

  • Nicholas Angel

    The good citizens of Sandford put up a website to protect their valued village reputation? Who woulda thunk.

  • Neil Conway, Esquire

    That’s right! Cause if you expose a bunch of rapist football players, some loser in his mother’s basement will make a website about you. Enjoy the internet porn assholes. It’s the closest you’ll get to any woman that isn’t unconscious.

  • Swampland Real Estate

    The situation isn’t that complicated.
    Deric has simply conned some people.
    It’s fraud. Unfortunately the law allows some of our small earred, less ethical population to prey on the less critical, less thinking sheep.
    As sure as TV evangelists shake tiny greedy fists against an imaginary Satan, Deric, for years, has welled up ever more convincing crocodile tears to beg for yet another day’s restaurant-prepared food, micro-brewed beer, eyelashes, and play-all-day rental accommodations.
    Watch these begging videos with the sound muted, his hides and tells are constant and it all comes down to: support me, send that money.
    He simply DOES NOT WORK, SHEEPLE! You are his job. Granted, he lives a meager upper lower class life on your donations, but he lives on them. This is a man who is unemployed by choice, by his investment in the entire “saga” of his post pubescent participation in what boils down to a Bevis and Butthead episode. He didn’t do anything noble, he played on the Internet, he didn’t even do the smart part of the stupid thing. Someone handed him a can of spray paint and he painted a Star of David on the wall and S A T I N under it.
    It wasn’t Anti-government, it wasn’t pro-justice, it was just vandalism, simple play time. Guess a password, win a low lifestyle sheared from the working masses? Line up. He won! People who donate LOSE.

    I’ve said before, kind sponsors; you certainly have the best intentions, but you have been fleeced. Even the fake donations are wasted, your interest wasted. Rape is terrible, corruption is terrible. Another guy guessed the password and Deric was stupid enough to vandalize a webpage from his home computer and leave a clear trail. That alone, he might have just gone on with life. How he chose to conduct himself for the following years has determined his fate. If that man spent a fraction of the time he has invested in fleecing you WORKING even the easiest of jobs, he wouldn’t be in this situation. Years of sitting on his ass, scamming and terrorizing people, have come back on him. Now he’ll stand in court and answer for more than the charges laid out.

    You worked to earn your money, take a moment to consider how you should lose it.


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