Jade’s Relief: How to Internet Panhandle and Exploit a Dead Baby

Deric has hit donation paydirt.  His child died and this ups the ante in terms of emotional blackmail to solicit donations.  Two days ago his water bill and internet bill were paid by a donor to the tune of $700.  Tonight he posted a gofundme called “Jade’s Relief” and stated the following:

My wife and I have built our home and family from nothing. Arriving in N.C. and living in cheap hotel rooms, unsure of our future, we were only strong because of the love we have for each other.

We found out we were pregnant with our first daughter in the fall of 2015. We named her Jade Lauren Lostutter. So excited to be parents, we shared updates of her growth, and how we both changed into better people because of her.

January 2nd 2016, my wife awoke at 6 am to cramping while visiting family for the holidays. We thought nothing of it, but went to the hospital anyway. Our worst fears were realized when they told us Jade’s little heart had ceased to beat. Our little girl was gone.

In disbelief, my wife and I had to drive back to North Carolina from Kentucky, missing 2 weeks of work, to deliver our stillborn daughter and recover. We chose cremation to remember her by.


Jade touched a lot of lives, without every living one herself. Hundreds of people have reached out to our family with kind words, and guidance. One of the hardest parts was taking down her nursery. 

Because of missed work, we have incurred around $500 in bills that remain unpaid. My wife, distraught every day, sometimes stays up late crying worrying about the stress. On the hospital bed fresh out of the labor and delivery room, she was calling people trying to see if they were hiring.

My wife also has expressed the want to turn Jade’s nursery into a meditation and reading room to cope with the stress of losing a child. In the room, Jades ashes will be kept, as well as a shadowbox of her things and memories.

I am asking you to help me be there for my wife like I should be able to on my own, like she has been there for me since we have been married. Any amount will help us bring a little closure to the situation, destress our family, and allow us to focus on healing.

Thank you all for your kindness.

On December 29, 2015 Deric and Jenny Lostutter were in Kentucky to appear in court for the custody case of her 8 year old son that she abandoned as an infant.  Deric also had a gofundme for costs associated with the custody case.  The outcome of this court appearance was complete and total termination of parental rights, and Jenny and Deric were barred from making any type of contact whatsoever to her son.  No phone calls, no internet contact and were barred from discussing her son online.  It was alleged that Jenny had failed a court ordered drug test the previous month.

Deric did not miss “2 weeks of work” because his child died.  He closed his business to travel to Kentucky for the custody hearing, and while there on January 2, 2016 it was realized that the baby was stillborn.

January 3, 2016 he posted this video on Facebook.

On December12, 2015 Deric was asking for donations for the relocation of his business. Deric doesn’t work.  He internet panhandles.  Deric stood before a North Carolina judge and stated under oath that he made $700 a day from his business, so why does he need donations?


10.20.2015 donations for custody matter need 600 by end of month

10.20.2015 donations for custody matter need 600 by end of month

11.04.2015_donations to get to KY

11.04.2015_donations to get to KY

January 10, 2016 10:02 AM


January 9, 2016 2:29PM


January 10, 2016 10:16AM

Some screenshots while Deric publicly grieves for his child and tries to pay the rent while stepping on her ashes and exploiting her.


01.08.2016 donationsgofundme 1.06.2016 jade 1.10.2016 ashes 1.10.2016 ashes2

1.11.2016 FB 1.11.2016 'KYAnonymous on Twitter_ _My daughter Jade's bronze urn https___t_co_1k4EvgfBal_' - twitter_com_DericLostutter_status_686575394011623424


  • Stop Begging Deric

    ” My wife, distraught every day, sometimes stays up late crying worrying about the stress. On the hospital bed fresh out of the labor and delivery room, she was calling people trying to see if they were hiring.”

    Guess he’d rather let his wife dance at the local titty bar than to get up off his own ass a get a REAL job.

    Worthless, lowlife, greasy looking piece of shit. That is what HE is

  • Disgusted

    They were staying at LaQuinta Inn. That’s not a “cheap” hotel. He also got free rooms there by using his old standby Hi I’m Deric Lostutter and I solved the Steubenville rape case and Hollywood is making a movie about me. He begged for donations the whole time he was “looking for a job” and begged for donations when he got fired from his job for not going to work because he had a tooth pulled.

  • Adam Hicks

    …after much consideration, and noting that the link on his personal facebook page for the funeral home was an “unofficial” one, clearly created VERY recently, I decided to call the funeral home, and make a couple of inquiries.

    According to the clerk on duty today, 1/17/16, there is no record of there being a Jade Lostutter ever having been there. No contracts, no planning, no service… whatsoever.

    Are we even sure there WAS a baby?

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