When the Kitchen Gets Hot, Just Make Rape Threats

Deric Lostutter is a COWARD and a misogynistic pig who relishes threatening women.  Deric has made threats to rape a woman when she posted a meme about him on Twitter, and was accused of raping his ex-girlfriend.  After Deric posted his vulgar opinion piece on bullshitvoice, commenters came out of the woodwork to defend the Elvis family and let him know that he was a vile piece of crap.

When someone posted the dailydot article about the rape accusation, Deric replied

I took her to court, dated her for 5 years. She didn’t want to appear so dropped it. She was full of shit, but keep trying, you’re next on my list darling
He did NOT take her to court.  He cannot post the proof that he “took her to court” because it is a lie.

“I lost my virginity with his hand over my mouth, telling me it wouldn’t always hurt like this, but to let him finish and I would be OK,” Piper wrote on Tumblr. “I said yes, but when I said no, he pushed down harder and ignored anyone my struggles to remove him. … For two years he could call me up, bend me over and send me on my way anytime he wanted.”



Lostutter refused to comment on the accusations. Instead, Lostutter’s attorney, Tor Ekeland, denied the validity of Piper’s story in a phone interview with the Daily Dot on Thursday.



Ekeland has also represented famed hacker/troll Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer and others accused of computer-related crimes.



On Tuesday, Lostutter fired back at Piper on his public Facebook Page, where he said he had “decided to take her to court in Lexington, Kentucky.



Lostutter also revealed Piper’s real name, a controversial act in the hacking and camgirl community known as “doxing.”

I hope this woman calls the police.   Credentialed “journalists” do not act like this, but then again Deric isn’t a journalist. He’s a scumbag who likes to threaten women.

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  • Enigma

    Found this —


    Was just browsing and saw it, and then remembered that I saw on here (your site) that he’d supposedly made threats of rape against a female or females. The link to WBDF provides a page that says – in bold, prominent words – that Deric “has the courage to stand up against rape.” Perhaps they need to fact-check before offering to represent someone, especially pro bono (and begging for donations to support his defense, which almost made me wonder if HE had set up the WBDF page himself).

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