Trolls Ruined His Business?

For almost three years Deric Lostutter has used the Steubenville rape case and his “pending” federal charges as a platform to ask for donations. To date, NO CHARGES HAVE BEEN FILED. To date, Deric Lostutter has continued to engage in illegal activities, and yet he remains a free man. That would lead an intelligent individual to believe that there are no charges pending.  No one in their right mind would continue to break the law when they were under active federal investigation as he claims.  We do not believe there will ever be an arrest, and that Lostutter uses these “pending charges” to play on the sympathies of his dwindling supporters.

This has been a bad week for Lostutter and a celebratory one for his victims.  Yesterday his victim from Steubenville was able to get a 5-year restraining order against him for criminal harassment and cyber-stalking.  Deric claims that the restraining order may be “modified or eliminated”.  Lostutter did not show for court, therefore, he gave up his right to defend himself, especially since he had asked the court for a continuance and didn’t show up.  Who knows why he didn’t go to court. Maybe he thought that the judge would be so awe struck by his legal incoherence that he would just say “There, there, Deric.  You stay at home, bud.  I got this!”.

He also posted this on Twitter yesterday stating “in case you’re confused on who not to fuck with”.  It is what appears to be communications with the industrial commission.

After these were posted, it was off to Facebook to appeal to those he refers to as his “donors” with this message and video:

Trolls have successfully targeted me shut my business down, because they don’t like me helping you all. This affects more people than just me. My wife, my unborn child, my step son. Want to help? Here’s how.

Posted by KYAnonymous on Friday, December 11, 2015

Deric mentions that trolls were leaving negative reviews, but that is not a truthful statement.  His customers were unhappy with the work that he performed and left negative reviews, and in turn blamed negative comments on his former employee or he threatened them.  As a reminder, here are the screenshots from his disgruntled customers.

12.12.2015 money for new business siteThis comment sums it up perfectly.  It’s time for Deric to stop blaming others for his bad behavior.


Hey guys, I’ve been watching the conflict; call it situational awareness as I’m stuck on the fringe of the DL mess, bleh, hoping I’m never called upon to act.

This is my first time commenting, anywhere, on anything related to this.

I mean no disrespect. I’ve just “subscribed” to the conflict long enough to feel entitled to comment on just one part.

What really strikes me is the comment at the end of the video posted on the KYAninymous Facebook page.  After asking for donations, he said; “Fuck, that’s life that’s life, I guess.”

I respectfully comment in return.

Life is not waiting on the Internet for revenge and donations. Life is going out and earning your food, shelter, and entertainment . It’s dedicating your time to what you love not dedicating your time to what you hate.  It’s about making progress and achieving small things that lead to big things, not about spinning in circles, stuck in cyclical logic. It’s not about court rooms and conflicts and Internet “wins”. It’s not about returning to things lost to make sure they are never one by someone else.

Having watched that video I would compare your logic to a gambler who once won big. The donations were a fluke, the result of sensationalism and people feeling so strongly for the young lady in Sville that they were willing to dig deep and donate to help someone they thought helped her. People donated to speak out against injustice, against corruption, not to finance pride and sloth. It won’t happen again. Look where donations have taken you lately. You won one, now what? Where are the spoils now? Take it for what it was. There won’t be a movie, no contracts, the lime light has turned to a blinding glare. You’ve muddied the waters. The fish just won’t bite any more. It’s time to move on to new clear waters. Give reality a cast, bait a new hook and cast into reality.   Retweeting semi-sensational, semi-controversial, antigovernment, anti-police, and semi-antisocial tweets is not a career. It’s not reality.  Taking fragments of arguments out of context and presenting them to strangers online to prove that your time (life) is well spent is not winning. Even the best gamblers (or anglers) know when to walk away with what they have left and invest.
Invest your time, invest your life in your wife and child to be. Do the reality thing.
You could win every internet argument and still have nothing to show for it. There’s no win in it. It’s NOT life, and I’m not guessing. You can only lose if you sit at the table. Stop the gambling and start investing. You will never pay love, loss, or debts on the Internet. So muddied.
Again, exasperated, it’s NOT life, and I’m NOT guessing.That you, host, for a format to communicate my thoughts and opinions.
You’ve clearly put some effort into your endeavor.People of the Internet, thank you for  reading my rant,  Ive come to know some of you in small ways, plenty of smiles and even a few years. I will return to my cheap seat and continue to view the situation from afar.(Disclaimer: I harbor no ill will towards fishing, gambling, or its participants, but I do advocate moderation in all things.)Do what you will, but don’t break it.

Attached are screenshots of Deric’s donations that he has willingly posted to the internet over the past few years.  Requests for cat scabies treatment, an activist center, court fines, copays for insurance he never had, and the list goes on and on.

He was not unmasked by the FBI.  Lee Stranahan outed his identification.  Note, once again in this video he is using the case to seek donations because he is such a super hero crime solver.  He wants money to start an activist center.  What happened with that?

Deric is asking for money for a speaker system to be a “DJ to help pay the bills”.

Here Deric accuses his trolls for his business being shut down.  He claims that he is being targeted and harassed by trolls because he is bringing justice to people and helping out with cases.  To date, the cases he has “helped out” with have been harassing and stalking people online for hire.  He claims that he only made $1500 this month, but he wasn’t open half the time. You have to have your doors open to make money.  He also goes on about his car being repossessed but bragged about taking out a car title loan in Ohio a few weeks ago.

Begging for $640 in donations to keep him out of jail and claiming that it could have an effect on his fake pretend pending federal charges.  Sky Casserotti created a fundraiser for him.  Note, Sky is also listed as a corporate officer of the OpSec Cybersecurity Solutions, LLC the name that they are no long allowed to use for trademark infringement.  Deric received a cease and desist from the real OpSec Cybersecurity and is now using the name Fawkes Consulting, LLC which is not a legally licensed business in his state.

He says he went through two evictions in Berea, KY and Winchester, KY but those were because Deric wouldn’t get a job and keep it. He blames the Steubenville case for his multiple job losses and not the fact that he just doesn’t like to show up for work.  He doesn’t even keep his business open on the hours he advertised.

I was let go from my assistant manager job at ac auto in Winston Salem today. I had handed him my doctors excuse for my infection and tooth extraction. OSHA regulations would prevent me from working in an auto repair shop while on my prescribed hydrocodone. He simply said it wasn’t going to work out. Handed my a check for $240 when I am $500 salary a week. Its time that our government gives those who take medical advice and seek medical care protection from guys like this. Now I have to figure out how to come up with my $500 rent by Wednesday.

He even super glues his glasses together so his donors know that he’s not spending money on himself.  He needs your money now and in the indefinite future because other people don’t get a job and support themselves and their family.

Video update regarding the custody case. Next court date is November 5th.

November 5th is a holiday for anonymous so it should go well (I believe in signs and am superstitious)

Help fight heroin, and bring my wife’s son home.

Donate here :

In this video of October 2015 he needs money to travel back and forth to Kentucky for a custody hearing for his 8 year old stepson. Deric states that his wife was accused of being a drug abuser and an adult entertainer.  There was a no visitation order in place allegedly because of past drug abuse claims.

April 19, 2015

April 15, 2015
Deric admits he is making money from doing work yet continues to beg for donations.

There is NO “active case”.  A search warrant was issued for items related to Deric’s unlawful entry into  The number on the warrant is the temporary number assigned by a federal magistrate.  It is NOT a “case number”.

April 14, 2015
Deric now claims that he has PTSD and his rescue animal is a “PTSD service dog”.   He claims his dog is sick and needs vet treatment.

After harassing a man with autism and getting a cease and desist from his attorney Deric starts begging again for a legal defense fund.

April 13, 2015
Deric asking for donations to keep his #knightsec operations afloat.

April 12, 2015
Deric posted that he made $300.11 from chaturbate and asks for donations the same day for office equipment.  Keep in mind that Deric has made over $5,000 from March 1 until present from donations.

April 7, 2015
Contracts for porn are in the works.  Good maybe he can stop begging for money.

April 6, 2015
Still begging for donations.

April 5, 2015
Video from Deric asking for money to make ends meet from now until his case is over in 2017 even though his paypal shows that he has made over $5,000 in the last 5 weeks.



March 28, 2015
Asking for $500 for his rent.  He made over $4000 in March. Why the need to ask for donations?  He received over $200 from his paycheck at the job. 

March 26, 2015
Deric lost his job that he started on March 23, 2015 for missing work due to a toothache.


March 25, 2015
Two days into his new job and he has a doctor’s excuse for tooth pain.  I don’t know about you, but if I had been looking for work for months and found a job, I would not be calling off just two days on the job, but Deric isn’t your average guy. 

March 23, 2015
Video posted on his first day of work.  Note the date.  His job won’t last long.  He has also moved into his new home. 

March 21, 2015
Has moved into new home.  Drive for $4,000 in donations has been met.  Deric recently posted this screen capture from his PayPal account.

March 11, 2015:

Video stating he has a second job for a service writer position and wanting money for deposits for his new apartment.  Since wanting to “provide” for his wife and son he continues to beg for donations on Facebook. 

March 10, 2015:


KYanonymous Facebook video link with admissions
Heres the donate link –

While Deric was begging for donations from his dwindling followers.  He claims that he sold everything that he had and moved to Asheville, NC.  He claims that they have a housing crisis and were forced to move to Winston-Salem.  A quick search on Craigslist for housing in Asheville would seem to prove otherwise.  Look for yourself:

He had a hotel in Asheville for a week and had a job interview lined up but “it fell through”.  As of March 10 he claims that he had been living in hotels for two weeks at $100 a day.  He also states in the video that the management at the hotel he was staying in at WS gave him a free night (or nights…who knows with this clown).  One must ask, how did the hotel know to “support” Deric in the rape case?  Surely he didn’t walk in the door and SOUND THE ALARMS!!! THERE IS A CELEBRITY IN THE HOUSE!!!!  No.  Deric TOLD them who he was and used his notoriety to receive free goods and services.  Something that he has been doing for over two years now. 

February 25, 2015
Deric claims to have moved into the La Quinta Inn in Winston-Salem and he was paying $100 a day for hotel stay.


March 10, 2015
Needs rent money and deposit money.

February 21, 2015
Deric returns to Asheville, NC. 

January 26, 2015
video he needs $1,000 to open up an activist center. He is planning a “base of operations” but has no business plan in place but is able to take your hard earned money.

January 20, 2015
Deric pays his fines in Richmond, KY from proceeds that were donated.

 January 14, 2015
Deric claims he drove without insurance but he did it to organize a rally for a homeless man.  Why does he always have an excuse for his screw ups? 

 January 13, 2015
Still begging for money because he helped put people in prison.



  • Stop Begging Deric

    Hope he’s reporting all of this income to the IRS.
    Maybe someone should set them wise.

  • Shar_Din

    I would observe that a person could create an opportunity to donate to goFme or ppaL.
    They could then prove credibility by cycling their own pay through as donations.
    That way it looks like some fool has already donated, and the next fool catches a little glint of the last interaction and and thinks he should spot DL a $20. To be what he could be and what he is… Is that a rap?
    It’s a shame people have to police their own internet. Our freedoms are limited by some people’s inability to act intelligently and expect to be accountable for their participation.
    Just marker over half of what I post.
    That will make it official.

  • Toss my Cookies

    I read all of this. Now I have a headache. So if y’all could like gibme monies for Excedrin or Bayer, then I will use the monies for hookers and blueberry pancakes. Now if y’all will excuse me, I have to put on my clip-on tie. I have a 2 days contract as assistant manager of a port-a-potty.

  • Deric is a loser with no power

    Deric Lostutter will never get the restraining order modified. The modification aspect is there for people who are burdened by the order. Such as, you both live in the same town and often are in the same areas, so they relax some of the conditions or they modify them to adapt personally to your situation. They do not mean that they will remove the conditions.
    As far as eliminating it? Never gonna happen. Ever.
    As far as trolls ruining his business? No, it was the several people he ripped off and a bad business plan and no business records at all. The reality is, it was a stupid idea in a saturated market in which he fucked it all up. The business was a nice side income for the original owner, who kept it alive for years, Deric ruined it in six months.
    He can’t claim “trolls” ruined it, because they didn’t and also because it would require extensive accounting records, ones Deric doesn’t have.

    And to the tax question….they are alerted, they have to wait for his return, or lack thereof….so April 2016 at the latest will be the time that is resolved.

    Karma is after him, and it’s mowing him down. None too soon.

  • DipshitDeric

    Deric’s new phone number! 336-754-4822

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