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It is not unusual for Deric Lostutter to be hired for targeted abuse and online harassment.  Marcus Collardin hired him over the summer to harass a woman he claimed was carrying his child and had kidnapped his fetus. As everyone suspected, the child he claimed was his was determined not to be his via DNA test.

Deric advertises himself as a hacker for hire.  Why is someone who is allegedly under federal investigation holding themselves out as a hacker?  Everyone knows that Deric cannot hack but that doesn’t stop unknowing housewives from reaching out to him for the purposes of harassment.

12 2015 #425 - 'Hire a Hacker I Legal Services I Winston-Salem, NC I Shoppok' - www_theclassified_org_winstonsalem_a,99,18889,Hire-a-Hacker_htm1204Lostutter was hired by a group of women who are supporters of Tammy and Sidney Moorer who were recently charged with the murder and kidnapping of Heather Elvis.  Heather Elvis disappeared on December 18, 2013 and has not been heard from since.   Heather had been having an affair with Sidney Moorer, and when his wife found out she had harassed and threatened Heather.  No one knows what happened to Heather on the night of December 18, and her remains have not been found.  The Horry County prosecutor’s office feel they have enough evidence against defendants Tammy and Sidney Moorer to charge them with Heather’s murder.

Allegedly, Shonte Jordan, of Myrtle Beach, SC approached Deric Lostutter and hired him to illegally hack and to learn the identities of a group of women who supported the Elvis family. Shonte Jordan didn’t hint that she wanted someone hacked.  She specifically stated to Lostutter:

Specially I’d like to hire you to hack someone who refers to them self as the farmer.  I can send you more info to look over.

Deric demanded $800 from her for his hacking services.  First and foremost, hacking is illegal but that stopped neither Shonte Jordan from soliciting his services, nor Lostutter who was paid for illegal purposes.

Below are a series of screenshots showing Shonte Jordan initiating contact with Deric  discussing their arrangement.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9Deric was allegedly paid $600 and is demanding more money from the women.  When he didn’t get the additional money that he demanded, he then allegedly went to the group that he was targeting and shared the screenshots.  The screenshots were taken by him as the conversation in blue shows the recipient of the messages.

Deric then began a smear campaign on the Elvis family by posting an inflammatory article at truthvoice where he is a contributor.  Deric implicated the young man that Heather was last known to be with, and posted a screenshot from his Instagram and accused him of removing seats from his vehicle to hide evidence.  The screenshot means nothing as it was taken on November 24, 2013 – weeks before Heather went missing on December 18th.

But Deric wasn’t satisfied with just making accusations against the young man who went on a date with Heather.  He implicated Heather’s father, Terry, in his article and claimed that he had obtained Mr. Elvis’ FBI file and would be posting another article which would hold Mr. Elvis in a bad light.  Deric then began posting the link to his truthvoice article all over the family’s memorial page for Heather and other pages.  When he was banned from posting with his real name, he created sock Facebook accounts to harass them with.

End Times account 1 harassingTo be clear, hacking is illegal.  Hiring someone to “hack” for you is illegal and if you have been harassed or threatened by Deric Lostutter, we implore you to contact your local law enforcement and file a report. This information is also being turned over to law enforcement in Myrtle Beach and to the FBI.

To Shonte Jordan:  SHAME ON YOU for furthering this criminal’s actions.  Shame on you for being the vehicle that allows Deric to harass a grieving family, and should you find yourself being the subject of a criminal investigation you have no one to blame but yourself.




  • Deric is a loser with no power

    The greatest screen shot to come out of those above is the one where Deric says he knows the street the woman lives on and will have a cyberstalking complaint against her that day. That document has been retrieved and now WSPD and the District Attorney are aware of Deric Lostutter’s attempts to falsely accuse people via their offices. Needless to say, they are none too pleased and further action will follow.

    No one needs to be scared of Deric Lostutter. No law enforcement is on his side, he has no inner contacts and no pull. The District Attorney thought he was just a small fry until this recent development, now he thinks he is a threat to the community.

    If you have something to file against Deric Lostutter, do it. If you hired him for illegal work, consult with an attorney and then report to the police your involvement and state that you had no idea he was going to physically harm people. It is better to be the one who controls the narrative than the one responding.

    • Lolololol

      Holy shit. “Well…then…fuck off?” Yet another shining example of Deric’s great work ethic. Even if he is now committing Interstate Extortion ( an indictable offense) he should at least treat the assessories to his crimes nice. Lolololol

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