Restraining Order Granted

Deric Lostutter’s latest victim has now been granted a 5-year restraining order made effective on December 10, 2015.  Lostutter did not show up for the hearing in Steubenville, Ohio, but he did file documents opposing the petition for restraining order.  You can read them here.  The names of the children who are also covered under the restraining order have been redacted.

Deric harassed, stalked and intimated his victim as well as making veiled threats against her children.  She was forced to seek legal remedy and as a result, Lostutter retaliated by getting criminal arrest warrants in North Carolina against the people that he was stalking.

DO NOT attempt to handle Deric Lostutter yourself.  If he has victimized you in any way, contact law enforcement or the FBI immediately.


  • Toss my Cookies

    Oh, so this is why he wanted custody of his 8 year old stepson. So he could use the kid to fill out and assemble his court documents.

    • Stop Begging Deric

      That and they’ll get more food stamps and possibly child support. Mama cant titty dance when she got a case of the babies

  • Stop Begging Deric

    Deric is back on the begging road after his business went belly-up because of “the trolls” never mind the fact that he was rarely open, threw his money around at bars, title loaned his car and is not only a horrible, shoddy businessman, but a truly repugnant human being.

    • Toss my Cookies

      Yes, when customers get talked to like shit and get ripped off, they do tend to take their business elsewhere, plus being open for like 45 minutes a week doesn’t help.
      And actually Deric, I do believe a court of law said YOU were the troll. Yup, that’s what they said alright, and a criminal harassing and cyberbullying troll at that. So think about that when your baby is screaming in hunger. You and you alone are the reason you had to close your business. #opshutthehellupderic #stilllosing

  • Lolololol



  • Shar_Din

    Hey guys, I’ve been watching the conflict; call it situational awareness as I’m stuck on the fringe of the DL mess, bleh, hoping I’m never called upon to act.

    This is my first time commenting, anywhere, on anything related to this.

    I mean no disrespect. I’ve just “subscribed” to the conflict long enough to feel entitled to comment on just one part.

    What really strikes me is the comment at the end of the video posted on the KYAninymous Facebook page. After asking for donations, he said; “Fuck, that’s life that’s life, I guess.”

    I respectfully comment in return.

    Life is not waiting on the Internet for revenge and donations. Life is going out and earning your food, shelter, and entertainment . It’s dedicating your time to what you love not dedicating your time to what you hate. It’s about making progress and achieving small things that lead to big things, not about spinning in circles, stuck in cyclical logic. It’s not about court rooms and conflicts and Internet “wins”. It’s not about returning to things lost to make sure they are never one by someone else.
    Having watched that video I would compare your logic to a gambler who once won big. The donations were a fluke, the result of sensationalism and people feeling so strongly for the young lady in Sville that they were willing to dig deep and donate to help someone they thought helped her. People donated to speak out against injustice, against corruption, not to finance pride and sloth. It won’t happen again. Look where donations have taken you lately. You won one, now what? Where are the spoils now? Take it for what it was. There won’t be a movie, no contracts, the lime light has turned to a blinding glare. You’ve muddied the waters. The fish just won’t bite any more. It’s time to move on to new clear waters. Give reality a cast, bait a new hook and cast into reality. Retweeting semi-sensational, semi-controversial, antigovernment, anti-police, and semi-antisocial tweets is not a career. It’s not reality. Taking fragments of arguments out of context and presenting them to strangers online to prove that your time (life) is well spent is not winning. Even the best gamblers (or anglers) know when to walk away with what they have left and invest.
    Invest your time, invest your life in your wife and child to be. Do the reality thing.
    You could win every internet argument and still have nothing to show for it. There’s no win in it. It’s NOT life, and I’m not guessing. You can only lose if you sit at the table. Stop the gambling and start investing. You will never pay love, loss, or debts on the Internet. So muddied.
    Again, exasperated, it’s NOT life, and I’m NOT guessing.

    That you, host, for a format to communicate my thoughts and opinions.
    You’ve clearly put some effort into your endeavor.

    People of the Internet, thank you for reading my rant, Ive come to know some of you in small ways, plenty of smiles and even a few years. I will return to my cheap seat and continue to view the situation from afar.

    (Disclaimer: I harbor no ill will towards fishing, gambling, or its participants, but I do advocate moderation in all things.)

    Do what you will, but don’t break it.

  • Kat Miller

    Seems like the judge in his wife’s custody case needs to know about Deric’s RO. It may impact his wife’s case in numerous ways. ?

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