The Lie Heard Around the World as Seen on @myFOX8

Deric Lostutter has built a fairy tale upon the outright LIE that he “exposed the Steubenville rapists” or he “solved the Steubenville rape case”, and that he is a “hacker”.  Deric Lostutter did NOT coordinate or plan the rallies that took place in Steubenville, Ohio.  A very well known activist, Cassandra Fairbanks aka @CassandraRules and others were instrumental in planning and coordinating while Deric took credit for them. Not once have you ever heard anyone but Deric Lostutter take credit for this when he in fact did nothing.  Lostutter was involved with #OPROLLREDROLL for approximately three weeks and then disappeared, but continues to take credit for it all.

Deric Lostutter uses the Steubenville case as a way to receive donations and gifts from people.  For three years he has begged for money to pay his rent, court fines, baby items for his unborn child,  and “copays” for medical treatment when he claimed to have gotten scabies from his cat.  He has used the back of a rape victim to get goods and services and as a means of income.

Anonymous as a collective hates his guts because he is notorious for taking credit for the work of others just so he can milk it for publicity as he did in his recent interview for Fox 8 Winston-Salem.  He claims to be “Anonymous” when it suits his agenda (publicity) and claims to be “former Anonymous” when discussing the “charges” against him.  To be clear:  THERE ARE NO CHARGES AGAINST DERIC LOSTUTTERLostutter was raided by the FBI for alleged violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and to date, nearly 3 years later he brags publicly about illegal acts and has yet to be arrested.

According to his FOX8 interview, Lostutter has taken credit for hacking and defacing ISIS websites. A quick review of Twitter will show what other Anon’s think of him and his lies.

We hacked them and replaced their ads with Viagra ads, and that happened last week,” he said. “It’s not only effective, but it’s fun at the same time.”  (Fox8, 2015)

Some fun facts about Deric Lostutter:

He cannot hack.  Ever since he began affiliating with Anonymous he has asked others to do things for him, and then took credit for their work.  Deric did not hack the Steubenville High School fansite.  An individual who went by the name JustBatCat guessing the password as he admitted in an interview with the Herald Star, a Steubenville, Ohio publication.

It was not a hack that involved cracking deep into code but relied on a combination of good luck and poor security measures. “I was able to get into his Comcast account by answering his ‘forgot your password’ (security) question correctly. His (the site owner’s security) answer was ‘Big Red,’ Noah said. “I then just used that to get into the web hosting (account).” – See more at:

Deric then accessed the control panel leaving behind the digital footprint of his IP address.  He also accessed the site owner’s email account and published photographs from his account claiming that he was a “pedophile” which was an outright lie.  Deric removed  photographs of females in various stages of undress from his victim’s email account and posted the photographs of these unnamed women online and for public consumption.  He then accused his victim of being a pedophile and exploited these unnamed women by publishing their photographs on the internet. He also accused him of having nude photographs of a high profile minor sexual assault victim. Later when it was determined that none of these women were minors, Lostutter never apologized for trying to ruin this man’s reputation.

Deric Lostutter DID NOT “expose the Steubenville rapists”.  Deric Lostutter did not become involved in the case until December 2012.  The accused boys were arrested on August 22, 2012 months before Deric Lostutter became involved with #OPROLLREDROLL.  Lostutter also exposed the real name of the Steubenville Jane Doe by releasing unredacted court documents.

Deric Lostutter also worked with Commander X aka Christopher Doyon to post third party crowd sourced information on a site called Local Leaks.  The information posted was mostly inaccurate and rather than correct the information or remove it, Lostutter chose to leave it there and further damaged minors and their families with the erroneous information. Doyon is not a reliable source and has been known to make statements that American soldiers should all die.

But he worked in parallel with the website Local Leaks, a Wikileaks-style website that compiled many of these same tips into a big dossier called the Steubenville Files. Local Leaks is run by Christopher Doyon, also known as “Commander X,” a longtime Anonymous hacktivist who made a dramatic escape to Canada from California in 2010 to avoid federal hacking charges. He’s been on the lam ever since. Doyon is not a reliable source. Once, he boasted to me in an interview that he had access to “Every classified database in the U.S.” Still, Doyon’s site became a go-to information source for many interested in the Steubenville story, its claims repeated widely by respectablenewsblogs (Gawker, 2013).

Deric Lostutter started a 2-man op #OPHOCKING claiming that he was in “direct contact” with a rape victim and attempted to get her interviews with local media after she accused five football players of sexually assaulting her.  Deric used Twitter to attack and harass cheerleaders, football players, coaches, teachers, administrators and prospective students of the college.  He even went so far as to accuse a Hocking College coach of sex crimes which was untrue.  He never removed the information or apologized.  Charges against the accused individuals were not filed by the prosecutor as the victim’s story was not consistent with his findings in the investigation as reported by 10TV.  Lostutter has deleted all of the OPHOCKING tweets from his account.

Deric Lostutter has threatened, intimidated and harassed customers who have given him negative reviews on Google, and on his Facebook page.  Lostutter has taken advantage of a man with disabilities by taking his money and promising that he would assist him in a complaint against his university; which he was unqualified to do and ultimately took the $250 and provided nothing to this gentleman.  Lostutter harassed and threatened an autistic man and bought a domain in his name to further harass and threaten him.  He has ripped off veterans at his cell phone repair store and called them “dicks” when they complained about not getting their phone repaired in a timely manner.  When cornered, Deric makes threats and has even gone so far as to threaten to rape a woman and have his “girl” stab her in her face for her making a meme about him.


Deric Lostutter currently has a restraining order against him for criminally harassing an Ohio woman.  He is due to appear in Jefferson County Court on December 10 to defend himself against the allegations.  In retaliation for the temporary restraining order, he was able to convince an 80 year old Magistrate in North Carolina to swear out criminal warrants against the woman and her partner.  Lostutter also retweeted revenge porn.

KYAnonymous ‏@DericLostutter    12 October 2015 5:06 PM

@s4mij0 you will get yours my friend. I will ensure that. Real life isn’t but a tweet away


KYAnonymous ‏@DericLostutter   12 October 2015 5:07 PM

@S4MIJ0 I will wait till your son and daughter are of age, and I will give to them a file of all your fuckery, stalking, nudes etc


KYAnonymous ‏@DericLostutter    12 October 2015 5:08 PM

@S4MIJ0 and when they disown you and put you in a home, I will make sure that your care takers know what a pathetic waste of life are

Deric Lostutter claimed that he had to do porn because he was almost homeless.  He contacted Tracy Clark-Fory at via email  to tell her, “I am firing my lawyer, wondering if you wanted to break the story, homelessness and sexwork involved.”  Lostutter claimed he was desperate for work, which he blamed on his former lawyer and his “newfound notoriety.”  The reporter stated that Deric admitted to her that he wasn’t doing porn because he was homeless, but because he wanted to.

So, Lostutter and his brand-new wife have started doing pornographic webcam shows on Chaturbate. “It’s resorted to the point where we wanted to go ahead and explore the option of web porn,” says Lostutter. “There’s definitely nothing wrong with that in my opinion. We’re two consenting adults.” I asked him to expand upon the thought process that led to this decision and he said, “If we’re doing it for free anyway and we’re having fun doing it and people are paying to watch it then why not if it’ll help out with a bill here and there?” But later in our conversation, Lostutter emphasized that they are doing it because they want to. “We do it because we like to do it,” he said. “But if it makes money, it makes money.



His wife’s Chaturbate profile reads, “I’m 28, Dominican and Black. I love to be on top, dominate. Stripper by day, vixen by night. I love giving head, it turns me on.” Lostutter’s bio: “I enjoy club life, craft beers, tequila and bourbon. I am addicted to tattoos, action movies, and nature. Im a self described ‘nerd’ and love good conversation. I like rough sex, definately an ‘ass man.’” They include a link to an Amazon wish list — which includes a crock pot, a quesadilla maker and a riding crop, among other things — and promise to reward gifts with everything from a thank you card to “A full private cum show for your eyes only!” In a recent show, the pair sat on a couch, her in red stockings and a thong, and him in army-print boxers. She gave him a blow job while chat room commenters responded with things like, “wow” and “luv it.”(Salon, 2015)

chaturbate coverLink to some of their porn can be found here.  WARNING: NSFW

Deric Lostutter also stalked and harassed a California woman on behalf of his client, and posted photographs of her minor son online on behalf of his client Marcus Collardin who claimed that she had committed fetal kidnapping.  Collardin had filed a paternity suit against his ex-girlfriend in an attempt to prove that her unborn child was his.  It was later determined by DNA that the child did not belong to him, but that didn’t stop Lostutter from further defaming her on a blog he contributes to.  Lostutter maintained a website defaming her until he was court ordered to remove the material.  He then publicly announced that he would sell the domain back to his victim.

There is SO much more that could be posted about Deric and the life he has built on outright lies, and his frauds against innocent people.  The bottom line is media needs to vet and do their research on Lostutter before using him as a spokesman for Anonymous and about his part in the Steubenville rape case.


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  • Lucy Furr

    Personally I think Deric is in the closet. I watched or rather tried to watch one of his videos. The way he had to beat his own meat to do the deed had me in stitches laughing! He looked almost repulsed by his girlfriend.

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