ANOTHER Disgruntled Customer at TechAssist PC and Cell Phone Repair – Kernersville NC

Deric Lostutter obviously has issues with professionalism and customer service as a businessman.  Over the past several months there have been many negative customer reviews on his company Facebook page, and rather than attempt to rectify the situation he either insults his customers or turns off reviews so no one can else can leave negative reviews in an attempt to inform the public at large about what a terrible business he runs.

One of the chief complaints that individuals are having seems to be the amount of time it takes Lostutter to repair their phones.  He has been accused of having phones for months at a time without repairing or contacting the owner of the device. (screenshots to follow)

Today a review was left by a customer on his Facebook page, which Lostutter quickly removed from his site.

There is a reason all of these reviews are negative and that he responds the same to all of them he had my phone for 3 weeks did not even take it apart but said he did and it was cracked ridiculously when I got it back I had paid them to fix the screen 2 days later I threw my phone on the counter and it cracked the screen did not drop the phone I should be able to throw my phone on the counter and the screen not crack after them fixing it horrible business he is a horrible person you don’t need a phone for 3 weeks to be able to just look at it and tell me it was cracked no s***

TechAssist11.19.2015_Customer_Complaint_BakerLYou can view the exchange here

In September, he had a similar customer complaint.

I am just wondering how many more MONTHS it is going to be before I get my phone back!?!?


TechAssist_NealEthan TechAssist_SParkerBuyer beware with Deric Lostutter!  Customers who have been ripped off or have had a bad experience with TechAssist need to start filing complaints with North Carolina Consumer Protection


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