Deric Lostutter Doxes His Own Client @collardin

Most people who enter into contracts with another person or business for services rendered expect a certain level of confidentiality, especially when dealing with legal information.  We all know that Deric has no clue what client confidentiality is because he is too busy on Twitter trying to prove to everyone how grown up and cool he is.  He has repeatedly broken client confidentiality by posting personal information on Twitter when his former clients complain about him for not finishing work.  When professionals disregard the privacy of their clients, the clients are injured in obvious and/or subtle ways. Confidential information generally does not cover information that is trivial, obvious or useless, but Deric outed his client by providing detailed information regarding his background, factual case information and identifiers which made it possible for a third party to identify his client.  In most circumstances, this constitutes a breach of confidentiality.

On June 6 Deric was once again bragging on Twitter and posted that he “just booked a client and have to write up an affidavit of tracing ip for his crazy ex kidnapping his kid“.

Here are the texts leading up to the identification of Marcus Collardin of San Francisco, California.








Here is the screenshot from Linkedin.  Does it look familiar?



192021At 10:28 EST Deric’s client was outed by Twitter user @analfortitude.  At 10:32 EST Deric Lostutter texted his client and stated that he “had been talking up the case on Twitter in anticipation” but now the “trolls” were people who hate him and that he had proven their lies with his skills.  It is obvious from this text that Marcus Collardin did not know Deric had been “talking up the case on Twitter” and that Deric was trying to build a story to cover his ass for breaching client confidentiality.  The only “talking up” of this case was the information that Deric Lostutter provided to third parties who were ultimately able to identify his client.1032



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