Deric Is Facing Absolutely No Charges – Proof

We have received a letter in our email from somebody who has expertise in the legal field. This individual prefers to remain Anonymous so we will respect that request. Enjoy!

There is a falsehood that Deric Lostutter likes to use to gain contributions to his own person. It is one where he likes to use specific legal terms interchangeably, when in fact, they all have separate definitions.  Deric recently did this again, claiming to have charges against him and that he is indicted.   When I showed him the PACER information showing there is absolutely no current charges against him, he then claimed he has a criminal proceeding case number.  When I challenged him on this, he directed me to his voluntarily made public view of a search warrant issued more than 2 years ago upon his person and residence.
(For those who care, the PACER image is from my personal PACER account and is public information.  I give all rights to this website to use the image.  The search warrant image is from a PDF made available to me by Deric Lostutter.)
“What is PACER?”, may be a question you have.  PACER is an electronic public information system for federal court dockets, current cases, under all court types.  As you can see, there are absolutely no court cases for Deric Lostutter, nor are there any indictments.  In any court.  He is not facing a single Federal charge any where in the entire country.  Period.  If he were, it would show here.  His arraignment would show immediately (within 24-48 hours).  Any one can own a PACER account.  Again, it is public information available to any one.
So when Deric Lostutter says he is “facing charges” he is lying.  He is not.  When he says he is “indicted” he is not.  When he says he needs money to fight these cases, he does not.  There is currently no active legal proceedings against him, therefore, he needs absolutely no financial assistance whatsoever at this time.
The second image, taken from his search warrant served in 2013, is to illustrate what Deric Lostutter told me was his active case number under which he was “facing charges”.   This is a lie.  (Again for those who care, a search warrant is actually not public information, but since Deric Lostutter has made it such by personally posting it to the internet and linking to it repeatedly with no security or discretion, it has become a public document.)
I know for many of you, a Federal case number seems intimidating.  However, all it is, is a method upon which to keep their files organized.  Like how your doctor has some strange number system on your chart ends to file it that you can’t figure out for the life of you.  I am here to make that really simple for you to understand.
The case number that Deric claims is an active charge and litigation upon which he needs donations is as follows: 5:13-MJ-5116-REW
Wow, seems a bit strange and alienating, doesn’t it?
Let me sort it out for you….
The “5” is the Division Office.  Which falls under Federal District 5. The Federal court system is divided into districts, not states.
The “13” is the year.  As in 2013.
The “5116” is the sequence number, as in how many cases were filed that year already.
The “REW” is the Magistrates initials.  Which is accurate.  The magistrate that signed this search warrant was Robert E. Weir, which matches perfectly.
These things are standard on every single case file, from a cursory search warrant (as in this case) to a federal murder charge.  All case files follow this format.
Now, I skipped over purposefully the “MJ” part.  This is the part that changes, file to file.  These letters indicate what type of case it is. For example, a criminal filing (“actual charges”) would be CR, a civil case would be CV, bankruptcy is BK and so on.  The MJ letters stand for “Magistrate” which means that all that has been done at this point is that the file was created so that they could show it to a magistrate.  Which is what they do when they issue a search warrant. They create a case file with MJ, or magistrate indication, and then request the search warrant.
There are absolutely no further case files with Deric Lostutter with a CR indicator which would establish his claim of criminal charges.  He is charged with absolutely nothing.  All that has happened, at this point, is that two years ago, he was a suspect in some identity theft and fraud.  The federal marshals served the search warrant, seized property to see if any of the claims were attachable to Deric Lostutter for prosecution.   Since then, there have been no further case filings.
There are no charges pending against Deric. Nor is he possibly facing 10 years in jail.  He is facing nothing, as he is yet to be charged with a single crime.
I do understand people wanting to help others in need who they feel need help.  Even more so when there is an emotional tug like rape, (which is a form of emotional blackmail that Deric Lostutter likes to use to get people to contribute), but if that is the case, there are several people in custody who have been convicted who are innocent or who are being processed, and they could actually use your help.   There are several organizations you can donate to if any of these issues concern you.  There are legitimate charities and legal aid and relief.  I highly suggest you do a little due diligence and look in to one that suits your  concerns and values.  There are several independent groups that can verify for you, once you have found one, if they are a legitimate place to send your donations.
But, by sending money to Deric Lostutter, all you are doing is putting money directly in to the pocket of a man who commits fraud, lies habitually, manipulates terms, deceives about abilities, and has threatened to rape women and harm children.  Even if you don’t believe any of that is true about Deric, require him to show you his arraignment documentation before donating to his “legal defense”.  Then, if you want to help him, it is on you and your choice.  But for now, you are not donating to help him with legal proceedings, as currently there are absolutely no federal charges against him.
Lastly, this warrant was served for purposes of finding Deric’s culpability in electronic crimes already admitted to by another person.  Which makes his standing comment that he can still be prosecuted unlikely at best and absurd at worst.
Personal note to the reader:   Sometimes these things can seem overwhelming or complicated at first, but much like as I have broken down above, they all are actually very simple and make sense in context. If you have any questions or need help picking a charity or legal aid group, I would be glad to help you find the information you need. Merely make a comment and I will answer you with information that I can to aid you. For free.  I have, myself, care and concern for the inequalities and injustices in our penal system and am more than willing to volunteer my time and experience and knowledge to any one else who feels the same or needs assistance.
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  • durric

    This isn’t proof but opinion. If you check with the FBI all Durric has got is an intent letter. He hasn’t claimed to have been indicted. If indicted I am sure it would have made at least twitter news. It took weev 4 years to be indicted after his letter of intent I think. Of course weev has skills unlike Durric

    • Author

      Actually, Deric has, on numerous occasions said that he is facing charges and indicted. No one said he won’t be arrested in the future, it states that he is not facing charges and has no legal action towards him. Considering that someone else already admitted the the crime that his search warrant stems from, it would be amazing to see charges come down.

      This post is to prevent people from giving him money when he lies and says he needs it to pay for defense counsel against “charges” he is “facing. It is that simple. He consistently and fraudulently makes this claim over and over again.

      Additionally, what exactly do you mean by an LOI in Deric’s case? That doesn’t really make sense, unless you just meant Letter of Intent as words and not as a legal term. In which case, it still isn’t very clear. Of course they would announce that they intend to investigate, they acted on a search warrant and they seized items. Did someone expect a letter saying “Hi there, we took your things because we are bored, we will give them back some day and not investigate the matter at all.” ?

      Bottom line, there are no pending charges against Deric. Period. That is not opinion, it is fact.

      He is more likely to be brought up for fines and charges for his current fraudulent business actions, which are currently being reported to the proper authorities with documentation, and victim statements.

      When that happens, he should ask for money for a defense, and so he can pay restitution to his victims. I don’t know why any one would give him money though, but that, is the only opinion part.

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