Deric Threatens To Rape And Film, Stab A Girl, Threatens Her Kid

deric rape threat 1deric rape threat 2

deric rape threat 3deric rape threat 4

This is fucking despicable. Not only does he say that he destroyed the government in Steubenville and improved the investigation (which are both false statements), he also claims to be the face of Anonymous (damn near every Anon has shunned him). He also claims to have been involved in Anonymous since he was a teenager. When in the past he has stated that he got involved with Anonymous in 2012 after watching the ‘We Are Legion’ documentary. He constantly calls this girl a whore and racist. He threatens to rape this girl and film it. Then he goes on to threaten to have his girl stab her in the face. Threatens to release all of her private information and pictures (can only assume he means private nudes). I mean, he does claim to have taken down Hunter Moore. Now he himself is threatening to post revenge porn. He also clearly threatens her kid by bringing her kid into this. How low can a fucker go??? This is downright fucking despicable. And just when I thought he couldn’t get any lower. All of this over a stupid fucking meme too! Keep in mind, these messages were all sent YESTERDAY, May 7th 2015.

This needs to be spread everywhere! Send it to his local Police Department and yes, even the FBI if you feel the need to do so. This will be sent to all of our media contacts. This information needs to be spread as far and wide as possible.



  • Turner

    Remember that Deric also posted a pastebin asking people to ddos Jasper Steed. For someone who is “under investigation” by the feds he sure doesn’t have a sense of caution. Makes ya wonder whether he’s a snitch or knows damn well that there will never be charges against him.

    • DericExposed

      That’s been a topic of debate for the last couple of years. So fucking obvious that he won’t be receiving any charges.

  • Vi

    I am the woman that he sent these to. He’s been constantly scrambling to claim “obvious Photoshop”and implying that screen shots from not only my laptop, but also my phone are somehow faked.
    This literally started because of a meme I made on a phone app, that was not even particularly insulting. He seems to truly believe he’s untouchable and can just threaten anyone without repercussion. I know he thinks he can get away with it, and I truly feel after that conversation that he is extremely dangerous to women (or anyone weaker, physically).

    Hopefully people continue to see this and it doesn’t get lost in the other piles of mistakes he continues to make. I’m sure I’m neither the first or last female he’s done this to.

    Also, many thanks for taking the time to write about this.

  • syzzurp

    He has a proven track record for getting shit faced and taking to twitter to show his hate and discord for women and others who have hurted his feels. Noone is surprised by this. He seems to be particularly upset that people are discussing it and is reporting accounts for abuse trying to get the content taken down.

    • Vi

      Yeah, major panic seems to have ensued.

      If he’d done this on Twitter I’d use his tactics against him. Not sure if I could contact Twitter, and complain that they’re removing insulting posts or accounts when he openly threatened me with rape and acts of violence…yet still has an account. Any info on if it’s possible for me to do so?

      • syzzurp

        If he is harassing you on twitter then report his tweets. I would also call the FBI office in charge of his case and tell them what he did.

        • Vi

          Nothing on twitter, except the joking, and denial. I’m debating on possibly pressing charges, but I’m extremely concerned about my anonymity regarding the types he associates with & follow him.

          • DericExposed

            My best advice is to go ahead and press charges. If you don’t and remain silent, it will allow him to continue the cycle of abuse, lies, scams, and threats.

  • Derp

    Deric doesn’t have any friends or a “crew”. He is a one man wrecking ball of fail. Don’t ever be afraid to report alleged criminal activity, people who do things like this count on their victims fear to remain silent, making you even more of a victim, and enabling the perpetrator to continue their cycle of intimidation.

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